Illuminati Gang Stalking at USPS

I had several conversations with USPS about missing mail, that my mail was delivered to the wrong mailbox (the fake trans), and that even a letter with a confirmation number has not been delivered to Homeland Security (DHS).

To my knowledge, USPS is helping so that I was shocked to find out today that their WHOLE website is spoofed.

SIDENOTE: The illuminati gang stalkers were extremely dissatisfied that I received a letter about the first fake case they falsified. More about this HERE. I received it via a forwarding order.

When I tried to place another forwarding order today, from the horror stalking room to my virtual mailbox in Las Vegas, it went through. I was presented with a confirmation number before the screen refreshed, and I saw the message that my identity could not be verified.

Curious, I did a trace route. Digital Ocean? Belgium? That's not USPS. That's a spoofed site.

Spoofed (fake) email from USPS

That's not an USPS email. It's also not USPS procedure that you receive an email to show a barcode at a location.

Milwaukee is a street death hunt hot spot, pedophilia hot spot, and gang stalking hot spot. Any locations people might turn to (police, fire department, free legal help, courts, housing, USPS (stolen mail), etc.) are infiltrated by gang stalkers. It might appear as if they're everywhere, but they're not.

It's a mostly electronic takeover (websites, internet, phone), but in hot spots, they also have people at physical locations, from the low peasant groups "black community" "white lowlifes" "pedophiles."

Maybe you can find out more about the barcode, I tried to translate it, and it just shows a number.

The stalkers know that I have neither of the "required" papers, and that between death hunt and stalker house, I didn't change the address on my driver's license. It was supposed to be a short stay. Through the fake eviction, where I got put out half naked, and without any papers, THEY have my lease and any papers I could use to prove my address.

The next spoofed website USPS OIG (Office of Inspector General)

Through the first fake email, I got to a list of more fake emails. I did a traceroute on this website too, and it's spoofed as well.

The email address is associated with "USPS Deliver" - and that's this company. They apparently pretend to have their own police. Law enforcement.

Like most illuminati-invented or infiltrated organizations, their staff are easily detectable fake and/or taken over identities.

To see if a gang stalker answers (and a gang stalker with voice changer answered the phone, and was as unhelpful as they always are), I still called and said I wanted to report that the USPS site is spoofed.

You can listen to the call and horrifying lookup (the typical rathole of fake identities, missing/dead people, taken over profiles, asset scams, etc.) on the RLMM Facebook page.

The illuminati gang stalker gave me this number (it's Saturday, and they're only available during weekdays) for the fraud division of USPS OIG.

Number of the "fraud divison" of "USPS OIG"
Suggested owner of the number of the "fraud division" of "USPS OIG"

I suggested that Army and others look into this "40 Billion" investment. I doubt this size of a budget exists, and I assume they are trying to steal more money from the government, USPS, and everyone else who didn't climb a tree at the count of three.

This is how people die. And how I might die. Wherever you turn, there's illuminati gang stalkers. Mass murderers.

At least I have my forwarding order, so that I will know if they forge more made-up cases against me. However, I cannot afford to live anymore. I still have not one of my bank accounts back, and your donations and my payments that PayPal/GoFundMe stole are still on some other account in my name.

In my mind, the vibes of the person at USPS suggest she's aware or involved. After all, "someone" sent the bar code after I filled out a form on a (meanwhile) spoofed site, and it arrived via fake email.