316, New Jack's Kid - memory reset?

Stalkers say they reset NJs kid. Also, the bracelet he gave for me might be stolen. 316 wanted to give it to me, but then he couldn't find it. He wanted to search again, but that evening, the medical monster must have gotten him.

New Jack, they locked up your kid 8 years at Aurorasa horror "hospital", and diagnosed him with schizophrenia, a disease folks apparently develop in street death hunts with electronic weapons.

The next day, he was like another monster kid they made here, Shiloh.

That was one of their "leaders". The 80% death rate this shelter has is for staff, victims, and stalkers.

Recent muder attempts include

  • Jane ("rapid rehousing") - MKE cops saved her
  • Rochelle ("crack test") - German cops saved her, FBI, not cops
  • Brenda ("anger management") - German FBI saved her
  • Tracy ("anger mangement") - it was too risky, because I shared about
  • Jennifer ("rapid rehousing") - I told someone who cares about her, I don't know who they are
  • Me, several times (I'm still in a death hunt, ordered by the fake counselor. "Depression")

Several positive males have been injured, five in one week. Three had an identical "surgery", and now can hardly walk. In a walker, with a cast, etc.

They came here and took over the shelters, The boss,, Reggie, has no idea that he is. I get attacked with the microwave on top of the panels again. The staff is not willing to remove it knowing I get killed a little every day. My heart gets heated from the inside.

How 316 sounded (and... he was not aware of the status of our relationship):


Crack test = street death hunt

Depression = force/rape to suicide

Anger Management = torture show, bleeding out after poisoning, enjoying the hallucinations when someone is nearly dead from loss of blood

Schizophrenia - lock up indefinitely in mental, but every psychiatrist knows the disease does not exist

It's not true that depression is a common reason for suicide, because depressed people are often too sad or lethargic to muster the energy to plan and execute a suicide. No money is a common reason, and as you know (show in the live stream every theft, and that they even mocked the name Zurdo Villa.)

However, Zurdo is the man who paid for the development of the electricity trap the CIA allowed to be stolen. It's an illuminati trap. They were once connected to us humans, now they are not. It just had to be similar enough to Vanguard/Cartel tools to work. They are not connected to me. They connect to each other, over the heads of victims. NO stalker is in the Vanguard connection. They released a ton I have not yet spoken with, after a brain scan. Hybrids.

One of the stalkers who were killed by the Milwaukee police in 2020, when they appeared as fake Uber driver during my death hunt, was made a monster kid her. She's supposed to impersonate Rania of Jordan.

El Chapo (where the Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homeless Mafia brought MY clothes from two evictions, into HIS bedroom), found it when he looked for my stolen things. It's everything on the record, and, no, the CIA does not ask if they may film, while you try to kill a Vanguard leader, the owner and boss of the Bank for International Settlements, and the daughter of the King of Kings, ruler over all governments and royal houses (you just in the simulation think he's old, dead, not very pretty, and he was just the Shah of Persia.)

The young kid had this image with her, when she came here. From Lebanon, not Palestine.

Ever since, she led the horrible life of a stalker woman, with the brain of a kid (in parts, i.e. logical thinking, moral judgements). The stalkers who put her in my room know she was killed in 2020. Everyone knows, outside of the matrix the illumianti forced upon us.

Naturally, El Chapo (Mauricio Ochman) was not in the image. He's here. Like, here/here, you just cannot see him. Yet. Like the others. The shelter is surrounded by law enforcement, some of the black shits (the real gang stalkers who stalk illuminati), Cartel leaders and staff, and Military.

The medical monster can best explain how it is possible that we don't see what happened in real life. I know a little... of the power of Holos (an app they are using for creating complicated scenarios in our brain, and administering torture to 99% dead).

They make monster kids here, and that's the only thing they ever got paid for. The governments of the world decided to take out all gang stalkers, their families, their kids and monster kids, and hybrids, i.e. sadist, hardcore pedophiles etc.

According to neuroscience AND science the stalkers are not human. Their brain is similar to reptiles. It appears they have frog DNA in them, and put some brain content of ants, cockroaches, and (likely) a raptor on their brain. The Nazis (not a German group, but an ideology-based formation) developed the ideal mindless killer machines. They reproduce through rape (are sterile and asexual, hence, the extreme perversion monstrosity, and they are clinical psychopaths. Do not feel love or remorse.

I have not access to the live-stream or the searchable database, where you find everything about them, including brain scans.

The boss of the neuroscience lab I own is Rebecca Saxe. Then we have Mark Waldman, Gregory Caremans, and (as apprentice) Dr. Philip Zimbardo, an expert on evil, and he had illuminati give themselves electroshocks, in the Stanford prison experiment.

If they put that into your medical record (Laurie put it in mine, removed it later, but that does not call off the rape to death hunt), but she's not trained or qualified to make any medical assessments. In the first minute, she admitted, that she also writes “Schizophrenia” in people's reports. As always, the FBI lovies were listening.

This is New Jack NOW. Forget the impersonator.

ECW (proud of you guys) were illuminati hunting.

New Jack (Jerome Young) has all the cuts on his head, because he was blackmailed with the life of his son - and mine.

No blackmail, I forbid it. Without an argument. But ... the argument would be that they still tried to murder everyone who paid, because they still tried to murder both of us.

Nearly every country in the world had to pay for my life, but then they still put me in death hunts, the setting was 102% dead (so dead/dead/dead), and they tried to get me released to the park here several times, before they ordered the "rape to suicide" on me. Day 15.

Countries stopped paying after this shelter declared me dead, and faked that I died from colon cancer. A disease they now all have, because the most dangerous person I know, my 2nd man Onision, was watching. He purchased all the open shelters, and it's his HAARP and my gold chains. That's how they play it's February of 2024, when it's really 2021.

Erich Kulas is known to someone here. He's not dead. Or is he? Lemme check. He is not dead. He's in my position, I've heard. Same attacks, no money, shelter, stalked, now a rape death hunt and sleep deprivation for 15 days, and all the other things. Dead stalkers in this room, poison in food, bioweapons so that he gets swollen up, his teeth cut out, he's half-blind from how they attack my left eye, and much more.

He's often hungry, as he cannot eat after 4pm.

Where he is? I might know if I could communicate with people, and if my memory would not be so impacted by the attacks on me. And him.

And the other Sima's are

  • Mariposa (Onision's wife)
  • Griselda Blanco (the youngest huge Cartel leader ever, black haired)
  • Castel (the 2nd man of the Medelling Cartel, under Pablo Escobar)
  • Simone (La Capitana) (Leader of our Ecuador Cartel, and a division of the new World Army with 7k soldiers

They get the same things I do, too. And then, El Babo is here, but he just went in (nobody even asked him) and allowed for his hashish to be stolen, that we need in good hands.

This chain is from him. He ... well, we'll talk to the current boss of the GeeForce later... he led some gangs in the US... they are now mostly in Africa. After Microsoft moved there, and after Almighty Gnar and Chief Keef were traumatized from what they have seen in Mali, they wanted to go there.

We turned off HAARP. I don't expect that the people will remain black. We'll see. HAARP made it much hotter than it really is.

HAARP is in the cellar of the Joy House in real MKE, together with my 780 chains.

New Jack.. your kid wanted to give me the matching bracelet. He did not find it. Do you know how much we get stolen here? In my case it was more extreme, but they also came after they reported me as successful "forced to suicide."

There's a "look faintly similar" of 316 here, who said: "I have the same chain, it normally does not have a cross (apparently not knowing that the boss has a cross), and I have a matching bracelet."

The next day, his brain was... like Shiloh. Over night, he ... stopped any contact, and he looks as if he's in an iindoor death hunt.

He sounded like a 12-year-old, and he... looks very, very unwell, now that he's forced into the medical section here. They are not qualified to perform ANY medical tasks, it is SO HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

I've been told he was just working. I'm not worried that he, deep inside, forgets the status of our relationship - I'm the boss of his father (with my husband), and I'll do anything to help get his kid out.

The first days, he addressed me as his ... boss... but he's targeted so heavily....

Then another one looked like a grilled salmon. They take out all humans. They fill the shelter with hidden people, rapists, mass murders...