Fake "Marshall Goldsmith" book "Becoming Coachable"

UPDATE: Robert from the Black Community Stalkers apparently put up the fake book. Without permission of his... what's the term? Less and lesser? So without the permission of Less, he tried to scam a few dollars. This morning, I had about 20 emails from Amazon with identical content: "Thank you for taking the time to report a review...". And my ability to post had been removed. In a live-streamed chat today (on the Facebook page), another stalker claimed they would reinstate my reviews.)

I'm not sure if you can be so small-minded, close-minded, and petty and successfully take over the world. I really don't. The first agent in the chat today was this Robert from WA. That helped the US Army to his location.

Knowing that Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Thompson are with me in a hostage situation, and that their social media accounts and any electronic communication are taken over, I was surprised when I received "his" newsletter from a Substack today.

Why would Marshall start a Substack? He's sending his newsletter directly since forever. Why would he not use "his" brand green, but a yellowish type? That's right. He wouldn't.

Even the title is Marshall-untypically random, uninteresting, and generic.

"Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership and Life"

"Triggers", "The earned life", "What brought you here won't get you there", "Mojo" and many other titles show the extraordinary gift he possesses.

As we're attacked by the same group of gang stalkers, who also temporarily declared Chris Coffey dead, I suspected fraud.

One of the 5-star reviews (I didn't check the others, they would likely all be fake) is from Bruce Kasanoff. We reported him "missing" (hopefully, just that) over six months ago to the FBI. Over 20 Marshall Goldsmith coaches and friends are missing. As you know, I'm under constant murder attempts as well.

You can see on this website, how people die. Or vanish, like Marshall, and then their identities, work, accounts, assets get stolen. As the illuminati gang stalkers are not talented, every company/brand/work they steal becomes soon obsolete.

However, Marshall will pick up where he left off. At this time, this is irrelevant of my survival. Speaking of which

PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY MARSHALL GOLDSMITH PRODUCTS AT THIS TIME. He doesn't receive a single cent of his earnings. It's important that the illuminati gang stalkers do not have any sources of income. If you're a friend of his, bringing food baskets in person or cash is the only form of financial help that works at this time. In person.

Last May, Marshall has asked me if I can help with other problems the illuminati gang stalkers create by taking over his work, business, and digital communication. For instance, they spammed the release of "The earned life". They created an unauthorized website, and sent spam email after spam email.
Right after the release, they posted more fake reviews than the book had sales.

We discussed how this problem can be addressed. This generous man is giving so much to society, he doesn't deserve that his work gets tainted by these foul, lesser creatures.

Like me and many, many others, Marshall has no access to his bank accounts. They tried to steal the income from his latest (and all other) work, but the Bank for International Settlements protects it, just like my and many other accounts.

However, sudden fake book releases bear a little risk. I only knew about it, because (without signing up for it), I received a newsletter from a Substack he didn't know he has.

I also receive emails from Frank Wagner he didn't write.

The gang stalkers go as far as posting shady "job offers" in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching group on LinkedIn. The stalkers are also in LinkedIn support, and removed my account access. LinkedIn is aware of the situation.

Marshall's last piece of published book/work was "The earned life", and he could hardly finish the movie. If you know Marshall, you can easily see that he's attacked. He was attacked with a microwave weapon at the time he filmed this:

Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Thompson didn't participate in this project. They both told me so.

You can also tell, by the generic writing, that his isn't his work. It sounds like an AI writer. (Stands for: automated Intellectual property theft).

I encourage the Army to look through the fake reviews, as it will lead to more stalked coaches and/or missing folks.

Marshall would like you to know that he has nothing to do with this project, and that he is physically better. He's "nerd-blocked", and unable to use his social media accounts, business or personal email at this time. He has the same problems with redirected internet traffic I had, and that you can see in my Wireshark protocols.

Mark Thompson would like you to know that he lost access to his social media accounts, some were not even created by him.

He's better now than at the time when he recorded the video for his latest work, "The earned life."

The illuminati gang stalkers lose access to the stolen microwave weapons, only a few of them had to begin with.

Please report people who might be missing as such. LinkedIn profiles that suddenly sound different, gifted folks who suddenly produce mediocre or generic content - you might save a life if you bring this to the attention of law enforcement.

If you, for instance, report a profile as hacked on LinkedIn, you might inconvenience someone, and they might have to verify their identity. But you might also save a life. Many attacked people are isolated, and they don't know who attacks them and how.

They might not even know that they ARE isolated, as the illuminati gang stalkers pick up the phone when you call 911 or the police, the FBI, and other places where people go to find help.

Marshall is at his house, cut off from any electronic communication. He's with his wife, and he has physically recovered. He wants you to know he's well, but he's just "wellish" in reality.

The Army and associates have to increase their speed in removing the mass murderers. Only certain people survive. People who still have something the illuminati gang stalkers want.