Why did Onision call a death hunt on me?

As in 2020, in my mind, Onision didn't want to kill kill me. However, he's a dangerous psychopath without much connection to reality.

He does understand the concept of legal and illegal. I'm uncertain if he fully understands the difference between real life and online fantasy.

After all, I received not one, but two marriage proposals in games.

In my mind, Onision realized that someone, let's just say “real” started looking. He might have just trolled the wrong people.

In his inability to assess situations correctly, I suspect he called Wesley Marks on me. Who might or might not even know what this is about, and who he's messing with.

From how my non-profiler, non-forensic, uneducated eyes “read” Onision, his plan was that Wesley Marks takes the blame for everything that happened. And then he again tried to frame my ex, Marc.

In his mind, if he makes three videos about “suing trespassers”, nobody will come to his house. By the way, he claims he filed for a protective order against Chris Hansen, He and his... wife. And he said he'll sue him for trespassing. Did any of this happen?

During the death hunt, I would have died at least three times. I had to be revived.

In my book, Onision is a murderer. And, because of his government technology, and his willingness and ability to hack any computer he likes and (with sound) listen to nearly every individual on the planet, he is also an enemy of the State.

That doesn't even mention that, since 2006, I'm under 24/7 surveillance by Onision, and he carefully has ruined every aspect of my life, health, relationships.

Whether it's sending people, re-routing calls, (OVER AND OVER) hurting people, (OVER AND OVER) taking over profiles of REAL people with professional deepfakes and fake voices, messing with my servers—I'd always have too many problems to create something useful and take care of myself.

He's a mix of not based in reality and the most psychopathic, long-winded “revenge” plans. Purposefully, he led killer Wesley Marks to make mistake after mistake.

Onision speaks perfect German, and I was thinking he lived in Germany or London until I fled the country. He might be an enemy of more than one country. He might have been in the Munich area, but his most ... where he tried to convince me the most, fake voice mail came from a 0681 area code. As "Tom."

Onision had more than just "advanced" technology already in 2006. Now he has at least one weapon, that only the military should have. And then these murder clowns appear to have a technology so scary and advanced, I've never even read about it.