Why are the “Little Favor” doers all poor?

During the death hunt, Wesley Marks told me repeatedly that he'd like me to join “their” team. I laughed it off at the time, but I realized later that the people who might not be hardcore criminals, and helped a little in the death hunt, might be former victims.

He said, I'd be an incredible addition to their team, and that the hunt would stop if I said “yes.”

Some people looked very uncomfortable. For instance, the police person who tried to get me locked up in 2022.

If Wesley Marks “we're paid by the government to hunt people” story were not ridiculous from the start, this would destroy it. Nobody pays the people who were a little involved or knew something. “Something” has to be better defined before the case is presented to the appropriate officials.

They live in horrible conditions, at the low spectrum of society.

I don't hold as much of a grudge against them. Wesley Marks and Onision possess dangerous electronic weapons, and anyone (including the government) could be on the receiving end already or next.

We can get some names, and to the best of my knowledge, asking questions is legal.

As we slowly change the risk assessment for the criminals and their victims, people will start talking like birds. (The real birds.)

Who's weak one time, will be weak again. Opportunist style. People who can be persuaded to take any part in things like this, cannot be trusted, a lesson the criminals will learn.

The other factor is that people, who don't like but fear you, will turn against you the second they lose fear.