When Onision wanted to Live Stream with me

Firstly, Onision doesn't live stream. On closer look, you will find that his "live" streams are fake. Whether it's partners in crime or deep fakes.

Most of the conversation between Onision and me had been deleted.

Back in August 2020, he offered a Google form and asked me to fill it out. He said, he would livestream with people.

I contacted him and detailed the extreme stalking I wanted to talk to him about. The extreme stalking for over a decade he confessed to.

Google can probably recover the form. He used one of his "normal" emails, such as either onision@gmail.com or the Onision forums one.

"What do you mean by extreme stalking?" he said. I detailed further. He suggested a day in August (I don't remember exactly which day), but didn't show up.