Wesley Marks from Vancouver, WA

The traitor of traitors.

Already during my death hunt, he offered me money and a place to stay. Also, he said twice that he wished he'd never met me. He did not meet me. The Wesley Marks from Milwaukee did (real Milwaukee), that's where I got the MCard from. Helped law enforcement to see the trips and how to get in and out.

He believed me that Marc is very alive, and very well. I told him to stop using his Asthma spray, and that I will breathe him, if they give him fake panic.

Nobody knows who left a trail of dead in Germany, after I was forced to leave, from stalking. I don't claim it's Marc, I really don't.

Wesley Marks from WA then claimed he had a deal with Marc, and he'd be helping.

However, he tried to get me for days to admit my ex had raped me. It's just that didn't happen, but he nearly killed me over it. My heart stopped beating twice. EVERYONE was told only I can give "deals." However, I provide opportunity, if anything, not deals.

When you disrespect Marc's ex and boss, he'll just smile at you (he has a Brock Lesnar smile), and you must know...

I also told every stalker not to talk to me. They must talk to Putin or Onision, and they know if they do not identify correctly, they get killed on the first word. We know NOW about Gringos, Anatalia, Ossi clones, but the requirement to speak is unchanged.

You'd have to say the following to request to speak a single word:

  • Useless eater here (short break)
  • I, Nigger, want to talk

We're a bit behind with the queue, but it is what it is. If you talk to me or don't identify correctly before you address Onision or Putin, you get killed.

The act of hiding me here, poisoning me, even being connected to the murder troupe over my head ... gets you killed.

I'm not in your connection, but I'm an admin or owner in the Vanguard connection. My people can always hear me, unless they are in the jammer zone. So, at least 12 Vanguard leaders cannot always hear me, but hey can read what I ... make them imagine they see. That's not me, though. As an admin, I just can tell the Holos-based app, what illusion to generate. It's just that I only use it to show faces, and write text in thin air.

It's LUCKILY not artificial intelligence (which would be self-learning), it just has access to every bit of information there is, and can make sense of it. Create scenarios, but following rules. It is NOT AI. It is very sophisticated multidimensional data analysis, and deriving action from there.

Like, I have no magic powers, whatsoever, except love, pragmatism, emotional empathy, and common sense. I don't know how their mother looks or who they killed. But a database knows, and Holos knows what to do to project the illusion into a stalker's head. I don't see any "visions."

That's what a few stalkers had access to, who all peacefully, and without our doing, passed away. OBlock and Dblock, for instance, are not "Black Shits", because they never stalked me. But they left. Many work at Microsoft now, others might hop over to King George, who only has fake black... (injections with a peptide, that only works in the simulation, though)

Wesley Marks recently passed peacefully, in the fake hospital they brought me to. With colon cancer, it might be better to have a real doctor around.

If they still shoot electricity on his head, to show him as active on their beta GUI, it's just that. He is dead.

If I tell you someone has passed away, they did. If we'd make a mistake, we'd correct it.

But we did not with anyone I told you has passed away - not through our hands... we cannot do anything here.

Your problem is that most of your bosses would rather be on our good side than yours. That's not a problem for anyone who WANTS to stick around as long as they can as a RAM memory.