War Reporting 9 / 02/25

I know it must look silly to you when I state it's February, 25th, 2024, when it's really 2021. I think it might be April. But I don't know.

Nobody ever got out of this horror slaughter cities setup. It's a pretty large field, but we make it smaller, we make holes, etc.

We're waiting for the power to turn off. However, there's a dead evil stalker in my room. She was killed by Molly Brazy, I think, in 2021. She still calls herself Trina, and she's promised she can impersonate the wife of Rick Ross, Tryna. Yeah, she looks, and acts the part.

The GERMAN stalkers around Laurie know she's dead, and that everyone outside the jammer zone, without the Matrix on their brains, can see here corpse lying where every she died (now, we burn all, but that was before we were on that.)

The REAL cops told the good staff to take good care of me and not release a single victim. They also said that they need to remove ALL stalkers and attack devices. I guess they made them forget, and told them to let every shit in, especially those the government never paid for.

The shelter lost all funding. However, Matt (the 6K US people that will stay alive, in Las Vegas) paid back the money they stole from me her, instead.

It's not one evil staff. It's every non-whitelisted by me.

Instead, they filled the shelters with hidden people, monster kids, dead stalkers, and the ones who did the most evil to every Cartel and the world. Enemies of humanity.

No attack device has been removed, but they brought in people with amplifiers, otherwise, it's not working on me to rape me.

I'm really trying to do my best to safe them, but I'm not a martyr. I get heated up at nights, knocked out with infrasound so that I don't notice... and I just get sicker and sicker every day.

You cannot assess their behavior from the standpoint that they are human, because they are not. They have reptile brains, ours are similar to monkeys.

They are not human. There are NOW 12 cannibals in this shelter, but it's technically the incorrect term. To them, it's like eating a pig is to us.

No food is coming in, the stolen things run out. Daily, they steal my payment from the BIS. They cannot steal it, but removing my access IS theft. Whether they spend it or not just describes what they do with my stolen money.

The problem with the dead is that they keep existing as RAM memory. The advanced technology, that messes with our brain, does not show us reality. Only the attack devices, infrasound, EMS, microwave torture tool are real. The other damages will not stick.

The stalkers age 10 times as fast here as we do. They aged 31 years, since 03/20.

The dead follow EVERY order 1:1. The dead mass murderer in this room stinks as dead as she is, and she has a 6-inch-blade.