War Reporting 8 - Rape to death/Slaughter to death/lockup by Laurie

Laurie called the rape-to-death death hunt on me.

The illuminati mass murderers are careful not to leave traces (they think.)

A few facts upfront:

  • depression is not a common reason for suicide. Depressive people (it's a serious disease) are often too lethargic, tired, or sad to muster the energy to plan and execute a suicide
  • there are no crack tests. You cannot test for "crack." The US has no real cocaine ever since they stole a shipment from Pablo Escobar. They use their electricity weapon to make you forget they did not pay. The 'crack' here is window kit, and then gang stalkers point HAARP (can be abused as sound drug) on you to make you feel high. Every law enforcement knows "crack test" means illuminati mass murderer, and they immediately get on a watch list
  • Schizophrenia does not exist. Every REAL psychiatrist knows it. It's only gang stalking.

They call death hunts via the evil medical monsters here. Here's the four terms I know:

  • Depression (Rape-to-death with EMS (the electricity tool))

Nobody in the world thinks I am depressed. But Laurie faked it into my medical report, and it started an in-door rape death hunt, where people rape you 7 or more hours daily. In parallel, they do not let you sleep, and drug you with their gay drug, poppers. The rape drug.

  • Schizophrenia - if Laurie writes that into a background report, the person (like 316 who thinks he was in jail for 9 years) gets locked up. In the case of 316, he was locked up at Aurora for 8(!) years, and only briefly in jail.
  • Crack test - street death hunt. We could save Rochelle last minute. She became to risky for fake crack dealer Michael, and he requested it from Laurie.
  • Anger Management - they poison people here, cut them, and bleed them out. They enjoy the hallucinations a person has. That happened to my room mate, and she must not find out without a professional at her site.

Additionally, everyone here gets killed by the Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homless Mafia.

In 2012, Laurie prepared fake documents to convince my also half-dead (through targeting) husband I died from cancer.

Death threat

They told me I need to get a TB test or I cannot stay here. If it swells, I'd be released on the street.

Another medical monster then injected an irritant. It was purple and swollen after 2 hours, I shared images. For that, they wanted to scam the gov for 120USD. The disease has not been reported in the US for 100 years. Additionally, they forced me to fill out a questionnaire I also shared. When I last had sex, was one of the questions, and a huge list of inappropriate, highly illegal questions.

But we live in fear here. Everyone knows people die here. In the bed I am in, everyone died. I'm the first to even make it one month.

The next threat was a COVID test. COVID does not exist. So it's completely not credible whether someone says you have it or you don't.

This threat was posted on the FAKE channel of my husband. Vanguard leadership doesn't do social media and publicity, unless they have to, to survive.

The shelter stalkers steal all of our content, and then make fake videos, change it... the only thing my husband uploaded, is one album. With 3 more videos, it's the ONLY thing he ever recorded. It's a blackmail to tell who we are. However, it's a death sentence. Nobody may see/see us or hear/hear us. In the real world, you do not see us exactly and hear the voice a little differently.

Everyone in the jammer zone (their electricity weapon, that helps the to keep the truth out), has seen/seen all of us. They are either trusted or dead.

This is a 100% death threat.