War Reporting 4 - 02/27/24 - El Taco from Jalisco

El Taco was a homeless shelter resident here, who had an electroweapon relationship with Slut Mohammed (her CIA name).

He personally kicked out three of our teeth, on the order of gang stalker Cortez (RIP Cortez, King George was not on board with the torture and attempted murder of his African Cartel, they share the three white collars with the GeeForce, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Ridge, and a surprise for later, (who will likely forgive me shortly, but EVERY Cartel needs white collar power, too. Not much, not to replace our KPMG, WaterStone Consulting (ok, ok, I just gave a task to UBS, now they want to get involved like that, with their ex super star staff that was FAKE fired), Cap Gemini, Gartner Group, Holistic Systems, Logica (back to the sophisticated Management Consulting I got hired for (as secretary at first)), but to be a holistic jungle Cartel or whatever their specialty is.

Three persons in this shelter had "gifts" for me. The fake trans.... was the cheapest. Just the house and the ugly sh*** in the video below. Over 20 Cartels collect "gifts" for me. They can keep them, sell them, but they mostly put them on bounties.

However, NOBODY wants the McLaren... ok. Panchito wants it, to make it an outdoor emergency toilet, until it becomes a health scare, I guess.

Gifts of the fake Trans (Almight Gnar says he gets raped, too, they use Glocks mostly, not cell phone apps): https ://youtu. be/UYSTAuVePqg?feature=shared

Gifts from El Taco

Club was not included, but we stole it. Beto gave it to a great friend of his. He found his father, too. https :// com/watch?v=QGZ1GB39b-o

Beto left El Taco 3 days to pick up his new monster wife

The dark-haired is the old wife. He made her a prostitute, when he got his monster kid.

The women now work for Eite models. Stalkers know what it means. They EMS and physically rape every Elite Model. (Just make a new one, Naomi, and call it "Ambassador Inc" or BrandFace.)

However, the ex wife got a job as money changer. They changed every bill you had into fake USD you used to scam us with over the years.

Look: http s://www.

El Taco is also a taco salesperson from "Jalisco". What?

This is from the blonde, by the way. I'm not sure he knows what he bought... they don't care. "Buy her something for 30M").

The heli is gone. (Bounty.) https ://www .youtube. com/watch?v=JdxZhvShcAY

Gifts they sent WITH MY NAME ON IT to Belle Delphine: https :// com/watch?v=cfLX_s8bsfE

Gifts they sent WITH MY NAME ON IT from an account where my ex paid rent to me... thinking I have at least his monthly rent payment. (Other way around, it's too slow to fix it.)

They made videos where they abuse the Sinaloa Brand.. Akasha did not engage in prostitution. Like many, she was catfishing, looking for ............... the four males (who are here now), who nearly raped her to death. Akasha played botted, but recognizable what happened to her in "I spit on your grave."

It happened here. They tried to get me to kill her, her videos were ... very bad, and they made fake videos with my husband as his "novia" (girl friend.) https: // com/watch?v=E-kspbgpr20

I hired her for my concept stores. She wanted to become a soldier.. but... we all want to go back to being women again. We can go hard if we have to, bc our men are under attack, but that's it.

PS: This are not the 4 black non-humans who took my husband physically hostage. He killed them. But after he took out the first, armed one, they were scared and stopped feeding him. For days, they disabled him. He could not move any part of his body. For that, even I would hunt you to death. Saying he is not here ... is just another indicator that I'm correct in saying the lower layers ALWAYS get written off and everyone wants them killed. Or why would gang stalkers send me money over and over again?

Mill Muertes. Discussing who I 'like' (do I look that unprofessional to you?) is ... just another sign of their reptile brain insanity.

ALL new videos of our Cartels cover collecting gifts, or they are bills for the BIS, or expose illuminati.

PSPS: NOBODY is fake shooting. Everyone is marking positions.
We don't fake-shoot.
We also don't traumatize our staff, if there's any other way.
For instance, people play with time too much.

PSPSPS: Did the blonde really steal the apples? Cortez killed one Batman... he put him like a pig on a whole-pig grill, with an apple in his mouth. On the order of "Pablo Escobar", impersonated by someone here. They get their memory deleted, but that does not delete our evidence of what they have done before that.

This is good vs evil, and you MFers picked the losing team. Even while you WERE the winners, because you DID dominate the world, until a few short months back, you're losing. Because none of you was ever happy in their lives. Life without love in your heart or caring about others, what's the point?