War Reporting 3 - 02/27/24 - Property

1. Water turned called after the stalker in this room told them I try to wash my hair - you just cannot jump as fast from this as a shower where you can instead use a sponge and the sink
2. Microwave attack

Governments, please write ALL of their buildings to Fringe WaterStone and my voice.

We'll sell the buildings. To the poorest, even the most luxurious buildings - we just make sure they have good tenants.

The USD is at 0.01, it cannot sink further. But the world will find ways to punish you for the psychopathic slow murder (attempt) of "their" princess.

From today on, the only one who COULD make international transactions with the USD is me.

Hope it was worth it, the attacker is already dead. He was dead at the time of the attack - a snippet from RAM memory of what he did on his last day.

UPDATE: Two minutes later, the stalker blob told the trolls "It's really clean, you have to find something else with this one."

They don't see how they humiliate themselves, trying to humiliate us.

UPDATE 2: They spam comments now

Milan, can you create and execute a list around this, please?
Also, get them the Italy fake Amazon CS, please, Jeff, but that project involves Sicily, too.

https ://ext-opp. com/GoBuildr83917@gmail.com185.125.50.101

UPDATE 3: They cannot make any transactions anyway. This just hits a few fake politicians, etc, who did not leave the US, because they know we scan brains, check IDs, etc. They have oversea accounts, we will seize today. We can send another 2B to every country in the world, making it 44B Esperanto every country has received. They all purchased protection against illuminati tools. Most could purchase what they need, we still work on a few countries, such as Persia.

ONLY Rahm Emanuel was told to stay.

UPDATE 4: My teeth get attacked again. IF, only IF, Creme de la mer would agree to go back to their original formula, I could take them with the fine for the attack.
Please ask, Melania

As it's too much, the fine, Guerlain would be good, too, with a few changes, and the Issima line. I love the meteroids powder you don't even see.. just a hint.

People who try my "cheap shit" mostly agree, by the way. Just harder to find, when it's not illuminati pushed

Only the kajal they did not yet receive, and I will admit it's never as convenient as the staff that stays on your face unchanged forever. But we do not need car paint in our faces.

Also, keep in mind that the USD is 0.01. Go, buy my "cheap shit."

I use the best out of a plethora of cultures. Always been that way.

Why not? They're all with my father.

I could never be a Queen of one direction.

The troll is, that they wanted to convince us my husband was "just a drug dealer"... but he only had Pablo Escobar, Sinaloa, Elon Musk and then some as "Cartel".
However, every Cartel in the world was looking for me. Because they had a purpose. They know they wanted me back, and my father, even after their memory was deleted in the Matrix.
You cannot delete purpose and love. It's not in one simple place, it's not stored as one line.

It's the first time in history that all influential Cartels (please excuse if I forget one, because I had no idea about Cartels until three months ago) work together though.
A 2nd force, next to my father. And we can overrule him, if we have to. The ONLY World Army (I estimate 60K soldiers, the world does not need more), reports to us - and only Cartels, and they can buy weapons from us.
This is not limiting sale to private persons (if legal in their country), but EVERY SINGLE weapon goes through us. Guzman is in charge of lasering the name/brand/Cartel/Country name into every weapon that gets sold going forward. People know. They wait for the weapons they purchased from Putin. Putin had to collect all the weapons the illuminati sent from the US and forced other countries to send for years.
Get ready for some fake WWI (no world war ever happened, this is the first, and it's won, except the godless voids, that are behind in time. https://www. youtube. com/shorts/EOjAydnFRas

The government trusted us with this, and many other important tasks. We charge, we do not overcharge.

We take the company back Onision fake-wrote into my resume.

I have never worked with any company from the war industry. But my husband always owned all of them. Except Colt. That's Guzi's. Guzman is still the President of El Salvador, and a huge Hashish grower for us... and then some.

Keep in mind... the one group I forbid completely, and they get auto-killed when they say "marry" or "love" (several languages), are the ones who are convinced they want to marry me. They awaitED (thanks, Angels) me in the REAL palace of my father (you call a "Wonder of the World"), in Nidda, on Lanzarote, Margarita, in Switzerland - and even already on Sardegna.

From all of us here, he's the one I would mess with the least.

He's a bulldog, and I showed him your fakes that you made of him AND his wife.