War Reporting 18 - 02/25/24

There was another theft, while I was knocked out with infrasound. Someone was really, really close to my head, and one food item was stolen. The gang stalkers knew which. I just wanted to eat it, but I'm out of it bc of the thefts.

Stalkers who purchased via a fake order things that the black shits bought for me, will be in a sea of pain, if they consume my stolen products. Giving something to the blob mass murderer, is understood the way you mean it.

They are parasites. What they cannot kill or rape, they steal. Or fake.

Cortez, for instance, tried to get on my "good side" by killing the whole Armed IRS. But that was after he was on King George's bad side already.

This is Castel, the 2nd of Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar leads the Medellin Cartel. Medellin long gave up mentioning that the city and Cartel are in Colombia.

She got 10 teeth knocked out, too, they steal from her every day, she gets the same attacks I do. Just.. I might have nicer folks here, 3V, but their brains just get...

I'm really the harmless one. Honestly. You torture La Capitana in one shelter, Castel in the next, Mariposa in the third, and Griselda... I don't even want to know who is in the CRC, and if it's the CRC here or the killer CRC.

You also know our voices, how we look... how we hurt when you torture us...

Nobody ever knew who Vanguard is, or even Blackrock, huh? Nobody will. The good staff... has an idea here or there or a thought, but that's it.

That's Blackrock. He's involved with several topics, such as health. He's our law expert, and he also offers free advice to your bank customers. I hired him also as 2nd man to my husband, and he's rocking his banks now - except the ones they fixed.

Watch him... but it's too late. You have a bot image of his wife on your fake NBKC lawyer site. Oops.

Congrats to another day of torture, thefts, and stalking. The evil glasses again tried to steal my payment from the Bank of International Settlements, my company, today. The audacity of these aliens to go after one of the most sophisticated organizations.

The USD will not sink lower. So much to the good news. It's now 0.01. Millions of people went to the bank, to show their support for "Good". We're not "good".. we're flawed humans who try our best, most of the time. But we're still the "Good" in this.

Have fun buying anything, when the things you stole from us hosts you killed run out.

Yes, this is real. I do not play around.

Would you really release me on the street, and another stalker might put me in another shelter, where I meet the leader of a Cartel that works for us?