War Reporting 16 - 02/25/24

Attacks and attack devices. They used tools that are not visible to Cartels. By claiming they own Cartel tools, everyone looked for the wrong thing. A Cartel "microwave", for instance, has nothing to do with torture. It's a communication tool.

Only the dumbest bozos in the world would use the electricity tool, because it can be recorded easily. Just add pink noise, amplify, play around. Everything over my head (not our Vanguard) is recorded by law enforcement from several countries, since 03/20.

That's when we put up a completely spoofed version of the internet, AND banking system.

You can delete what you want. In a live-stream nobody in the godless void, the jammer zone can see, they see all deletions, and pay extra attention.

I've been removed from the chat. The German ossi trolls (LONG dead, but they take everyone else with them, bc they WANT to stay around as a RAM memory, but they know the computer will turn off. They cannot manipulate time any longer) changed my texts too much. Nearly every text... it did not make sense.

That's why I am not on there.

But EVERY word they said.

Let's take the German urn pi*** and mother rapist as an example. During my death hunt in 2022, I nearly died next to a gas station. The urn pi*** told me they would kill my mother. In parallel, someone went to the hospital (where Persian "Wes" died later from colon cancer) and tried to poison her. Not my real mother, but the woman who raised me.

Then he told me he would rape her forever. He said he'd kill her, "bring her back", and rape her for eternity.

Instead, he raped his own mother to death (physically, the footage is on the real web, behind 10 warnings), burnt here, and put her ashes in an urn. The urn stood at the reception here. He peed in it. Then the fake trans stole the urn (now, that's interesting), and brought it to the Joy House in REAL Milwaukee.

There he pi*** in it a second time.

You will not see the ashed, before the computer releases us or the power turns off, whatever happens first.

He's dead. Gang stalkers killed him during my death hunt. He was not supposed to harm me or my mother. I have no knowledge that he raped my real mother, the Queen of Queens, but it doesn't matter anyway.

All this is on the record. You were told not to use your real voice, because it's much more stressful to record you (via infrasound or Cartel microwave pickup) where you are at. With regular bugs or sound pickup. That's who we can film everywhere, btw, that IS a Cartel tool.

But they said they have V2K, and all sorts of Cartel-only weapons, but even Cartels don't really have them - but my husband, and some of his people.

They cannot kill me, unless I kill myself. On my free will. I'm not sure that would count, either, but ... it's what they try. The stress I'm under is not easily survivalbe.

The urn pisser, for instance, reported over 320 successful "forced to suicide."

He also sold my heart to the organ mafia. DO YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THESE PEOPLE ARE?

The last 7 (they have everything triple) here named an organ each of mine that they sell, after they forced me to suicide. It's still murder, though.

The urn pisser received 250K payment, in his legal name. We long burnt his ID.

Every stalker loses their IDs. From birth certificate to everything else. Also government services are only for humans.

You will never in your lives land a plane, get a bank account, and we deleted all creepy databases, except one.

There's no way out of here without me, and I changed the release conditions to: release us when all non-humans and evil hybrids (also a specific near-human, but not really brain activity pattern) are dead.

PS: "They can say you make up sh** about people, and release you on the street for that."

Ok, but it's all on camera. And I'd prefer this escalation to being raped and tortured here. Then my husband has to show what he can or cannot do.

This is the best shelter... but not with dead mass murderers with 6-inch blades "for protection". Not with torture.

Attack devices are:

  • in the house left of the middle when I look out of the window
  • over the lift
  • over this room
  • in the laundry room
  • in the reception
  • in the cafeteria (only in the middle)

All 7 have amplifiers. They increase the problem, and make raping me even possible. I think they have this shit on the Priest's phone, too, but I'm sure she has no idea.

They can heat up bed frames, and I think that's from the outlets.

Brian... why don't you remove torture shit? Infrasound and microwave, as well as EMS attacks through PREPARED outlets, are not even related to the electricity weapon that creates the godless void.

HAARP attacks are very common, too, but they need their poppers for it to work well.

By the way, Almighty Gnar with Chief Keef are the first males to admit they got raped by the fake trans here, too.

They took the house she stole, and the other "gifts" for me.

They use Glocks and cell phone apps to rape, and there's more than one form. The sexual, but they also zap your brain, and remove your ability to decide if you want to listen and answer.

No human in the world would talk to these trolls. Only their own.

We will remove HAARP shortly. They use to pretend we're in the wrong time. I think it's to kill some other stalkers. I'm not sure, though, neither do I care. As nobody can get here, and nobody here does anything, we utilize gang stalkers only, so far, to kill people.

Except the cleanse of whole countries. All non-human life has been destroyed outside of the godless void. 6K humans ... (the 5K from Amish move to Las Vegas, bc the Amish will go solo.)

The Amish people will move to Persia, and they think they have some stuff Persia needs. They were looting, I guess.

My travel agency (Ewa and MAS) will book a flight for them. When all others have left to Vegas - or not.