Valentine SCARE

First, a nice young person I told my V about asked me if I want to be his Valentine. I thought it was strange, and I made sure that it's just a nice gesture, and not romantic. Not romantic.

Then another black person of a similar age tole (stalkers screams.. the staff will know it's all true, but they will still kick you out.. record it!!!!) I'm getting attacked now with the microwave they have on top of the panels or on top of the lift. This room heats up terribly, whenever they attack someone, even if it's not us.)

Rumours (side-note)

The following allegations have been shared by up to 4 persons (including the two black stalkers (V knows who they are) who also stole (the hunger one-time announcement, the ONLY one that was ever audible in my room) from me. They need to pay me back the now 850USD in NOW money (they have fake USD here, it has the wrong face) on my PayPal debit card, before they can make a single transactions, via me.
My plan was to ask a person here, if she wants to be "El Mencho" here for temp, but I'm not sure if they're ready to fight the mind control shit. It's too dangerous.

  • I am the prostitute here that does illegal pedophilia, pregnancy, incest, and rape and torture shows. With that, I'm also the one who CONSTANTLY gets me drugged up with the very unhealthy gang stalkers drug, "poppers." It's a gay drug. I DO NOT WANT TO BE DRUGGED.
  • After they stole all of my food, and shared it at the stalker hours (we are not allowed to eat after 4pm. As they serve or served human flesh here.. that might be better, but 4pm to 7am (only stalkers, people with children, and people who are on prescription meds get a snack pack) is long), they told Stephanie (the case manager boss, she has not told me about it), that I stole. But on the camera, was the foot of Slut Mohammed, and she has no nail polish, like I had.
  • They say I do return scams. V has caught two of the medical monsters, who brought out two sacks full of new electronic (maybe other) items. Exactly the items Slut Mohammed purchased (the CIA calls her that internally. My ex says police took her down in 2020, after she was a fake Uber driver on my death hunt (a few drive by you and pretend not to see you, while you are slowly or fast dying).
    I don't know what hellhole of the past this is here,
  • I gave my phone to 316, who I hired, but he did not receive his 10K for sex. I'm not sure that I would pay for sex, but it's fine, I guess.
  • They pump my cells up with air or water to make me look pregnant, because "not all people believe you do the preggo shows".
  • Marshall Goldsmith did not hire me, but he paid the 8k in 05/2022, and they just delayed it again and again, by reporting it stolen. It will come again around the 17th, but I have no bank account. NBKC cannot be opened with so many stalkers still around. And then, it's only very little money I need to survive. I hired Marshall... the Marshs are working for Vanguard now, and he DID hire me because of the emergency. I also fixed two things for him: 1. the fake book they put out in his name and fake reviews 2. the blackmail situation at his company. He'd love to hire me, actually, but I own Omega, Waterman, WaterStone bank, and I am the boss of the BIS. Via my husband, I'm involved in more. Or I fixed SAP for my ex who owns them from here. The BIS was hostage twice in the past two months, and my 8 elite soldiers Israel gave to me had to get them out.

The plan was to destroy humanity, and take over the planet. Whether I die or not, that is impossible. We took back companies, wrote reasonable law, and about 3 Billion "Niggers" (yes, I said it here, because my blog is in the real time and one the real web (we're currently on a spoofed internet, all of us here, I'm on a special spoofed version they day, I think it's QAnon powered. QAnon is V, too. The real ones... BUT I hired 3 during my 2022 death hunt. One was accepted by the CIA (currently my ex), two were accepted by the FBI. The REAL FBI... yes, you hacked their account, but they are still real. They just know: Nothing the BIS doesn't make stick since LATEST (does not apply to fake M&A and some other things) will not stick.

Back to Valentine scare

On Wednesday, there's mandatory COVID testing. There IS no Covid. It was how the illuminati Nazis wanted to kill off the rest of us, most prominently, the ONLY 2.4 SURVIVORS from the US Army.

If they say it like this, it's always against you. My kidney damage from HAARP (they need it here to pretend we're in ... whatever time they play we're in), my knocked out teeth, chronic (likely) inflammations, etc.. the damage in my eye bc they tear my left lense ALWAYS at the same place).

They say they will lock me up on We

PS: What I mean by "black shits" are black HUMANS who might have acted bad. Like, shitty people. Who is helping in real Milwaukee right now are black community gang stalkers. After my death hunt in 2020, their life became increasingly hard. They didn't understand why I was saying they are stalking me, but they followed my content.

They get it now with "little" things.

A few are working for an opportunity (and pay.)

Because America is no more. There are 5k in what I called (rename it) "Amish America" .. it has Amish people, Mitt Romney, 19 black community stalkers I sent there, regular humans, and a ton of people who went to the police, after we were in touch. I'm the only one who got out of the killer CRC 4, in FAKE MKE in IL. Almighty Gnar helped. He sent someone. He's with the Black Shits, and nobody except stalkers mind the name. Over 260 black males cat called me during my 2020 death hunt. I can call them whatever I want.

Not Crystal or Tiffany, who I met after the 2020 death hunt, not the person who worked for my health insurance (she's white), not the psychiatrist (also white), not the 3 black females from the CRC North (AOC, a male drug dealer from Argentina paid the CRC leader 200USD and the Joy House (RIP) to "mistreat" me, but nobody did. They were .. a little nasty the first days, based on rumors like they share here.

Many real people are helping, also from the court, after I sent them a request for settlement for the fake trial BLACK COMMUNITY STALKERS posted in my name, and then some.

But humans form their own opinion.