The Word removes their hand from this shelter

I just posted this, under rape and EW attacks.

I would like all staff of all shelters to leave. Transportation will pick you up at home, and bring you to Las Vegas. Whitelisted only. Nobody can pick you up here, because you filled this shelter with the worst mass-murderers in the history of this country.

AFTER the police told you to take good care of me, you called two death hunts on me.

WE understand you will not follow that order. You are too much ONE with your killers. This is for history. So that people can follow the progression until the eclat.

Every staff knows that I get raped to death here. Every single staff member knows about the targeting of my person. They SAW the thefts on camera. For over 1 months, the staff can see the real cameras.

75% of the food I order gets stolen. Not one thief has left the building.

I pointed the 5 places out, where they hide it. I also pointed out repeatedly the places where they have the devices they torture me (and everyone else, really) to death. Not one device has been removed.

Instead, they brought people here with amplifiers.

They have non-humans here, who impersonate me on some sex sites, so nasty they don't even tell me. All staff knows that they constantly make up EXTREME lies about me, each one good for 15 years of jail time.

The REAL FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation and Milwaukee Police told Salvation Army to remove ALL stalkers and not trusted, and not release a single victim.

Since, Laurie called a rape-to-death indoor death hunt on me, and I'm getting raped and kept from sleeping for day 14.

The staff steals EVERY payment I receive, and declared publicly they keep me hostage. Enough "good" staff (if good Americans even exist)

While I write this, illuminati fake feces death stalkers pretend to sit in and on my vagina (with EMS), on my breast, in my head, and they pretend to lie under me.

I remove my hand from this shelter, and all others.

It's the most horrific creep show, and they filled my room (while others are alone in theirs) with the most problematic or unacceptable people.

The "good" staff that has done the polar opposite of what REAL police told them, is off the payroll last 1st.

That does not change anything about the fake salary they get. It's just not real money. They can spend it on things they stole from us, after they killed us, until they run out.

I'm the daughter of the King of Kings, and one of two Vanguard leaders.

This shelter is evicted, because they did not pay the rent, or utilities.

We understand they will not leave. Or hand out my stolen things, my 780 chains they have in the cellar or HAARP they stole from their new landlord.

You cannot be "good" if you snap at the person who warned you about the planned murder of three persons, who would all have died.

Since the police told "good" staff that one more dead is a problem for them, we rescued 4 persons.

I cannot get a payment here, because they did not release a stinlge stalker or fake evil staff (that steals from victims, accuses THEM of thefts, prostitution, being dirty, running return scams, and orders ELECTRONIC WEAPON attacks on them.

Your salary was paid by a group of less than 6k people. Nobody pays you for killing a Vanguard.

We have secured the real money accounts of victims and staff, and they get access when they are out of here.

Matt keeps my promise and allows them to come to Las Vegas, but he's even very disappointed in his wife, Stephanie.

I'm done with America.

I will not speak up, if they decide to remove your real payments, as the slow psychopathic murder of my person is nothing a government can pay for.

Matt will keep my promise, but it was not given on the basis that you just watch me die. It was based on "good" staff changing things.

Maybe doing the opposite of what police tells you, is not such a good idea after all.

We'll leave your prostitution car alone now. Your black car. It's just too you. Enjoy.

Bank for International SettlementsSalvation ArmyFBI - Milwaukee