The next Amazon Fake Email

What's your understanding of the message below? To me, it sounds like a mix of “you don't have evidence” threat and “we “have” the police”.

Most of all, I can feel, from the energy of this email, that it's another white person trying to sound black.

But let's do facts. On the real Amazon system, my nickname is "Pizza." Ok, ok.

The email:

Hello Margarita,

My name is Kit with Amazon's Executive Customer Relations team. I tried to give you a call at the number listed on your account and regret that I missed you.

I learned of your recent delivery experience, and wanted to take this opportunity to reach out on behalf of our executive team.

Can you provide a good time to call you back?

Thank you for sharing your experience, as we take customer feedback seriously. What you described doesn’t reflect our standards for delivery providers, and we apologize for the experience. As a longtime Amazon customer myself, I understand the desire to have your ordering experience be quick, efficient, and most importantly, stress-free.

As reviewing your account and your order 113-2765266-2035418, I see your address notes on your account state to deliver to the mail room. Is there a mail room in this apartment building?

With that said, did the driver enter the building, mail room, or into your apartment? Can you please provide video evidence to ensure that  the local delivery station to ensure this is fully investigated and the appropriate actions taken.

I see that the apartment building has requested the packages to be handed to the resident only and not left unattended.

In the meantime, if you have any photo or video evidence of the incident you'd be willing to share, it would be invaluable to the delivery station’s management team during their investigation. If you’d take the time to respond to this email and attach the requested evidence, it would be appreciated. If you receive a message stating that the evidence file is too large, services like Amazon Photos, iCloud, Google Drive, Google Photos, and OneDrive allow you to upload the file and create a link to share. Please make sure that the link is visible to everyone with the link, rather than creating a link that only another account can access.

I want to assure you that any evidence shared is for our internal investigation only. We won't pass any of your personal information or details involving your delivery to the driver.

In addition to our internal investigation, we encourage you to contact the police if you feel unsafe or require immediate emergency assistance so they can investigate. We'll happily cooperate with the police as part of their investigation and in relation to any steps they'd like us to take.

The police can contact our Law Enforcement Response team directly using the following email address:

Please be advised this email address is only for police correspondence and any emails sent by non-law enforcement personnel won’t receive a response.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Best regards,
Executive Customer Relations

The background report:

Auto-response to my email:

NA - LE Requests <>

Thu, 22 Jun 2023 3:09:45 PM -0500INBOX


"Aurorasa Sima"<>



"NA - LE Requests"<>



TLSLearn more

Thank you for contacting Amazon’s Law Enforcement Response team regarding your issue. Our team responds to inquiries from law enforcement agencies only. If your inquiry is related to a criminal investigation, please ask the law enforcement agency investigating the matter to contact us directly at


Amazon Law Enforcement Response Team, Inc.

2021 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121


NOTICE: This communication might contain privileged and/or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient or you believe that you have received this communication in error, please delete this message and do not print, share, or otherwise use this message or its contents in any way. Please also indicate by reply email that you have received this communication in error and that you have deleted it.