The Milwaukee Police

...does not exist. At this time, they're a waste of gas, cost for office space and vehicles.

I don't expect they will do anything against me or for me. I expect nothing from the Milwaukee police, really.

This is a quick note. Too much on my mind, to text much about a dysfunctional police station. Or seven throughout this hellhole of a city, Milwaukee.

  • Two people reported their donations as stolen.
  • One doctor reported a murder attempt on me.
  • Two people from the mental facility (see next topic) reported that they were paid to mistreat me.
  • Two Milwaukee cops kidnapped me in a 7-day street death hunt, and threw me out of the car (unconscious through electronic weapons), somewhere in a different part of the city.
  • One black cop targeted me with electronic weapons, and brought me to a known-to-be deadly mental facility, where I would have died without help from a CHI gang.
  • During a 7 day death hunt, for some strange reason, not a single cop car stopped to help.
  • Even months after I reported, and shared that their website is hijacked, and the calls to the numbers listed don't arrive there, the site has not changed. Nobody can reach the real Milwaukee police (if you want to call them that), unless a stalker would connect the call.
  • In 2020, I got drugged at the MKE police station, district 7, and there will still be surveillance tape of that event.

I reported a plethora of things. Everything on this website, and more.

The Milwaukee police did not take action on a single complaint.

It was hard for me to offer one of the police persons who kidnapped me in 2022 a “deal”, as I have nearly died. He shared details, but didn't hold up his end of the bargain. Deal is off.

They had some successes through information they received from me, but didn't quote the context. Don't get me wrong, I do not wish to be prominent in the public eyes. However, the context, Illuminati gang stalking, should have been mentioned.

They did not just fail me, they also failed the five people who went there to report a crime committed against me.

One woman behaved professional, and did more than her job. She developed from an administrative role, into a crime-solver position. She does not have to go to the MKE police station again. She can now go to the CIA office.

The best: My generous husband has paid their salaries. Why? Because two of them steal the other police person's money. At this time, it's impossible to say if that's a joint plan or not.

I am not concerned about it. Apparently, they feel it's fine if people's money is stolen, and they cannot afford to buy trash bags or medical attention.

If that's a blackmail, it backfired. The two cops, who are members of the gang stalker VMs, will lose access in two minutes from when I write this.

If their salaries “get stolen” again, they can always call the police.