The FDIC is overrun or led by illuminati gang stalkers


As the insurance for failing banks, the FDIC is the place to go when your accounts are stolen.

However, the FDIC brushed me off, and closed most of my complaints, and I assume the rest will follow. They referred me to another gang stalker-led complaints board.

But I need them to pay back the money their members stole BEFORE they lost their banking license, and, therefore, membership status.

I will post stalker calls to the complaints board later on.

Here are calls to the FDIC. Please forgive me for sounding aggressive and irritated during the 2nd call, the stress, pressure, pain, and staying in a homeless shelter because of these pedophiles, lowlifes, and few other criminals, is getting to me.

According to the FDIC, they're only responsible if a bank declares bankruptcy. Apparently, they don't have access to systems that allow them to see if a bank has or doesn't have a banking license.

The banks who stole from me (and others) all lost theirs. However, the FDIC still closes your insurance claims.


Regarding the $6 Million on my Chase account:

Other conversation:

I'll begin with call four to the FDIC, OCC, and a bozo at Chase. Maybe you don't even want to listen to more. The FDIC is overrun by gang stalkers.

You can listen to the first call(s) here:

EP 39 - Recording of my call to the FDIC about my stolen bank accounts

Info I shared with the FDIC on the thefts of my bank accounts

  1. In 2020, a group referring to themselves as "Illuminati" and "New World Order" ordered a death hunt on me. In parallel, I got hacked out of all of my bank accounts. My papers were stolen.
  2. My NBKC account with hardly any funds on it stayed intact.
  3. I got hacked out of my Chase, Capital One, TCF Bank (business account) in 2020, and my donations have been stolen from PayPal in 2023. These will be separate complaints.
  4. NBKC claimed they closed one of my accounts, and that they don't "see' the other. However, every banker can see both accounts open, intact, in my name, with exactly (nearly) the amounts listed below.
  5. The gang stalkers who murder people under the brand name "Illuminati", are in all banks mentioned. I cannot say if it's "just" the customer service or the whole institution. In the case of NBKC, I think it's the latter.

I was forced into a homeless shelter. In a coordinated action

  • My Google phone number I used for 2FA got deleted
  • NBKC blocked my Debit card and (on the record) claimed it is "hard carded" and cannot be unblocked
  • NKBC then closed my account, and sent me a Cashier's check for less than 800$ that over 30 banks rejected to cash in
  • I got fake-evicted (forced out of my paid room, with my rent paid, and no court trial)
  • I nearly died, because the illuminati gang stalker group redirected all of my phone call to 911, the Milwaukee FBI, and the Milwaukee police.

I have evidence all this, but I understand that the FDIC is reponsible for the banking part only.

My account is not closed. According to Kevin Trepess from the Bank for International Settlements, both of my accounts are open, and the money is still on there.

Account 1: has about $4,500 on it
Account 2: has over 500K on it ( a 400K transactions from Martin Lindstrom, and two 45K transactions. One from a small inheritance (Euro), one from the FBI).

  1. NBKC bank sent me a fake lawyer letter, demanding I remove call recordings and other information from my social media and website. On the fake lawyer website, one of the alleged staff is an "AI" image based on the wife of a Blackrock leader. That tells you all you need to know about this organization. (Please see evidence below.)
  2. My reports to the FBI might have been interfered with. I later learned, that none of my calls to the police went there, too.

The original staff of NBKC bank might have been replaced, or they, too, are stalked. The information on their CEO doesn't check out.

Here's evidence on NBKC. I know they lost their banking license, but at the time of the theft, they were a member of FDIC.

Please aid in restoring access to my bank accounts as soon as possible. I got forced into a homeless shelter, I don't have a bank account or any money.

All in all, with my other bank accounts I will report shortly, over 18 Million USD have been stolen. All banks have been told to restore access to my bank accounts, but they claim I don't have any.

Evidence on the NBKC situation:

I need access to both of my accounts. I also need NBKC bank to seize stalking actions against me, share information on my funds with other gang stalkers.

Independent of that (for the information of the FDIC who is probably looking for this gang stalkers for a long time) I need my TCF Bank business account, my Chase account, my Capital One account. As REAL bankers, you can see that all of these accounts are mine, open, with my SSI. Except Chase, who went as far as (hearsay from the BIS) changing the last digit of my SSI.

To safe my life, I started a fundraiser. Via GoFundme. However, the same group that stalks at all mentioned banks, also stalks at PayPal. Over 900K USD have been stolen, and I didn't receive a cent of my donation.

The responsible persons need to go to jail, as this is a psychopathic, coordinated murder attempt - unless the government and US Army would decide for a different solution.

Email headers from (NOT) the FDIC


Two callbacks when I was out

I went for a smoke twice. It's the rules in this homeless shelters. Do you believe it's a coincidence that BOTH callbacks were in the 20 minutes I was out?

Here's the call from a MALE illuminati gang stalker at the FDIC for unbotting.