The Fake Job Interview - Financial Recovery Services Inc

While it's a permanent problem that when I work on my projects, my servers (VPS) would constantly be targeted with sophisticated attacks, and when I virtually meet people more than twice, intrusions would happen.

I would only receive potentially fake messages and calls.

Healthy, happy people can form relationships. While two people are not a gang, keeping victims poor and create the perception they cannot take care of themselves IS what Wesley Marks and Onision do.

And Onision has the disease that he doesn't really care who he has to pretend to me to get me to talk to "him."

This is a year-long recurring problem, and I will not be able to take care of myself for as long as:

  • I receive spoofed calls
  • My calls are being rerouted
  • Profiles of real people are taken over
  • Emails I might receive might disappear
  • People I meet in real life are either suddenly scared or hurt
  • Data disappears from my computers
  • Zoom calls might be hijacked by deepfakes
  • When trying to work a horrible low job at the bottom of society, "until this is over” at least my internet connect would constantly fail or USB devices, such as a headset.

While it happens with nearly every professional contact I had over the past years (may it regard my coaching offers or desperate attempts to “at least' find a shitty job to carry me until “this is over”), here we have a low-hanging, easy to follow up “fruit.”

I stopped having personal contacts after several incidents occurred, from car accident to someone get's beaten up with an iron rod to many people showed the same fear in their eyes.)

What you will not read in this review, I posted shortly after the “interview”:

  • At the beginning of the death hunt, Wesley Marks kept and kept telling me all of my LinkedIn contacts are fake
  • Later on, the ugly sicko Wesley Marks would tell me that my LinkedIn profile has disappeared
  • He went through my LinkedIn contacts and informed me that not a single one is real
  • He said I'm lying about my former colleagues and customers
  • Wesley Marks said they reached out to a former (major) customer, and the people I worked with said they didn't know me
  • Wes Moast said my Marshall Goldsmith certification is fake, and that the group “how to sell Stakeholder Centered Coaching” on LinkedIn is fake too
  • He said that Martin Lindstrom uses a fake image to hide that he's a Persian person, and that Marshall Goldsmith sells PLR. He detailed that the reviews for Marshall Goldsmith' new book “The earned life” are all fake reviews.
  • They said the world's leading expert in empathy and deep listening who made several videos for me/with me, and even provided a video testimonial doesn't know me.
  • Wesley Marks said I had stolen scientific papers I purchased with my PayPal account.
  • They also said I had stolen other material that has been provided to me by the respective IP owners.

Please keep in mind that Wesley Marks (according to himself and according to a former relationship) uses drugs. In his head, it made sense. He loves to use the term "fake" a lot. Was he misled by Onision and genuinely believed what he said? I don't know, and I don't care, really. Onision knows I'm all real, except I changed my name when I fled the country—a fact I also don't keep secret.

Colin Wells (who had the vibes of Wes Moast as on his slanderous YouTube channels) effectively tried to work with the trauma I must have from being nearly killed several times very shortly before Colin Wells repeated what Wesley Marks/Onision as "gang stalkers" had said.

However, as I kept telling Wesley Marks, compared to Onision, everything Wesley Marks can do is peanuts. It might be easier to understand the fatal impact of a physical death hunt, but what Onision is doing all the time is much worse.

It's a little all over the place, but a good moment to remind everyone:

  • Onision (I didn't know it's a problem if it's non-personal video watching only) has trolled several of my LinkedIn contacts.
  • They didn't know me on a personal level. Then.
  • Onision trolled at least three people I made critical remarks about.
  • What if someone had collected the group of trolled people to look at me?
  • What if Onision had called Wesley Marks on me for that very reason, leading him to make more mistakes (also see: How they tried to convince me that Bill Gates put money on my head.)

Wesley Marks has the false perception that ... well, anyway, I assume you follow my train of thoughts.

At the time Onision for some reason decided to get Wesley Marks on board (in my mind because he knows REAL influential/official people ARE watching, and wanted to deflect attention), I was already used to this.

Excuse my French. If you know me, you know that I typically don't swear. I started when Wesley Marks showed up, and I will stop when Wesley Marks disappears for the rest of his life. Behind bars.

Onision will fuck you over, and he will fuck you up. No matter if he “loves” you (or what's the psychopathic equivalent), if he pays you, if he partners with you.

And then Onision conveniently forgot to tell Wesley Marks WHO my ex-boyfriend is. A person whose business Onision wanted to destroy. And really the person Onision was going after in 2004, before he somehow gained interest in me and started stalking me.

Onision led Wesley Marks to make all the mistakes we can now use to take him down. Whereas this is the wrong wording because we're not the police, and we're not a court. Because "gang stalker" couple has connections, including isolated cases of police people, we will just gather enough leads so that this cannot made go away easily.

Funny side-note: Onision got Wesley Marks to make fun of "Pablo Escobar." I'm not aware what this metaphor might stand for. Knowing Onision, I'd say it's not good for Wesley Marks.

Random image: This is my ex. He is a nice guy. Then one of my LinkedIn connections Onision has trolled is a wise guy.

Obviously, Wesley Marks assumed that they're partners or Onision paid him would make a difference after attacking me.

Definitely just gratitude for any low-hanging fruit.

Back to the topic:

The website might turn out to be yet another one of Onison's/Wesley Marks's deepfake sites, but let's treat it as if it were a real business.

The negative reviews might be an indicator it exists:

The ugly website (not updated since 2019?):

In this “interview” Colin Wells told me:

  • That my resume is fake
  • I would not know anyone I claim to know
  • There's no trace of me on the internet
  • "Maybe the competition took you out” (referring to that someone took down all of my social media profiles, websites, email accounts, everything else in 2020 right after contacting Onision via the number shared by Anonymous Gene)
  • My references (obviously including a video testimonial) are fake
  • My certificate from Marshall Goldsmith is fake
  • Marshall Goldsmith and Martin Lindstrom are fake profiles (we'll have some fun along the way following up on Wesley Mark's references)

Sounds awkwardly familiar, no?

Feel free to question “Colin Wells” about his interview practices, or check if the website and person are even real. The interview took place on June 28th, 2022.

Complaints on BBB make it believable that this company has active business operations. It looks like another one of Wesley Mark's Envanto template sites, though.

Would Colin Wells be a “small favor doer?”

It was a Google Voice call, and even though they took out several phones/laptop since, Google Voice calls cannot be deleted like that for as long as the Gmail account exists. And I have all the faith in the world in Google's creepiness when it comes to data collection and storage of such.

Email headers Colin Wells

Let me close with what has become my favorite line:
It's not who you know, it's who knows you.