The Black Shits

They are helping now. And they purchased food from Amazon with their honestly earned money to keep me and themselves alive. They would provide for 3Vs, too.

They say I eat less than normal (damn you!)

But that's how they earned their name...

However, and that's what I also held against them, they already helped me during the death hunt. A real black gang stalker called an Uber for me, paid with his PayPal, the driver was real, and he told the Gnar one someone is in trouble. He had the app on his phone, to disable the dog... at least, he must know someone irritates the dog now and then.

But that was 2022. Before some got an official opportunity.

Also, they send one real gang stalker (if you stalk people for a living, and you ... don't have 100USD to spend, you're doing it wrong) to get me safely to an Uber.

And then they killed the person who called fake cops, when I requested real cops, to get me killed in the killer CRC4 (the "hidden" in real MKE.) I was the first to ever pass the initial mind-control assessment, but it was a black shit who was locked up there, too, who got me out.

He started screaming loudly about Jesus and why this and that is happening to him in this facility, until they called a car for me.

I gave him a Graham cookie. They pretend it unpoisons you. But it's just that they stop targeting you.

BIS... I don't think we knew that.... about Eugene the AirBnB host.


And it is also true that a few black males were forced on me, during my 2022 death hunt. First, they identified as QAnon, but when I laughed, they said they're just a few poor black males, but they were told they are QAnon.

Three got hired. One by the real CIA (that always worked for my ex), two by the FBI. One got one payment, and could cash out 400USD, but then it was fake-removed, too. But it's enough to confirm what I say. And if you play QAnon for too long, you develop enough skills to see if a system is connected to ... anything.. or not. No traffic leaves out from the spoofed banking apps.. how would a transaction happen?

You're right that law enforcement fights organized crime, and "mafioso."

But Cartels are powerful, important, WANTED and legal formations.


Cops never had enough staff to fight illegal drugs (tainted, chemicals)... it's a symbiosis, really, naturally not officially.
We're both fighting the same Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homeless Mafia.
They might have suffered a little intellectually since the original Nazis (a group not based on country, but ideology), but it's still them. Clones of the mindless killer machines, rape born who just are born with the brain defect.

PSPSPS: The boss of District one, nearly got killed during my 2020 death hunt. He went after who was screaming "I will kill you" about 10000 times. They were the only ones (another person who switched to the CIA in an admin role, and a tall black male), who attest that

  • They saw something that was not on cam (1 saw it 100)
  • The footage from that day was stolen, after they didn't see the fake cop on the footage, but they did see that he was in... like here, they just came and forced themselves on real police, with electronic weapons. (3 saw/know that.)

The German FBI never stopped investigating. The letter that they did was fake.

KHK Michael is here, and he threw the cups at the District 1 police office. To signal we know they gave me liquid cocaine there. Not enough to harm me, but enough to scare everyone. In the hospital, they had "cocaine" in my medical background, but I do not use cocaine. Tried it a few times 30 years ago, but ... it is like acid in your nose, and is nasty.

German cops saved Rochelle... not because the US didn't want... but real cops, I only know of Benjamin here. The cop I found when Simone Skelelar (or whatevs) Miranda Teabo (Maskulin) targeted me via fake Tim Stein. Wait, no, and Blue Eyes and his partner, who got me after the last fake eviction with my rent paid, are here, too. They should have guns. We(!) cannot get anything here, until we can. It's easy to verify it's the correct Blue Eyes (they have at least 7 better fakes than of many others), as he's in the V connection, NOT connected over my head via electricity shit. The Black Shits long figured out how to see what's what.

US cops long lost all their guns. Marc Veith, my ex, was always selling to the police administration - until they stopped paying. He was also made to forget, but he was told by the BIS.