Real Life Murder Mystery

Crowdsourced Investigation 

This is a crowdsourcing project for an unreported crime. The crime includes stalking, kidnapping, several murder attempts, hacking, drugging, and more. With your help, we can get more clarity on details about the acteurs who might be serial killers. As a local police person IS involved, I don't feel safe to report the murder attempts yet. Also, most of the stalking was done by an influential German person from organized crime (likely.) This has to be reported to the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA too. The stalking has been reported in Germany, where the FBI investigated. They found crime, but couldn't connect it to a person. Together, we can.
"Drama-YouTubers" and other negative individuals are NOT welcome. 
Please register for a symbolic fee of 1$, or a different level, if you want to become a supporter or sponsor of this initiative.
The FDIC is overrun or led by illuminati gang stalkers

ACCIDENTALLY PUBLISHED.. UNFINISHED ARTICLE. As the insurance for failing banks, the FDIC is the place to go when your accounts are stolen. However, the FDIC brushed me off, and closed most of my complaints, and I assume the rest will follow. They referred me to another gang stalker-led complaints board. But I need them to […]

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Illuminati gang stalkers - Who are they?

"Say their names" article. If you're like me, you never paid much attention to the term and conspiracy, but you assumed it would have to be high-level folks. Powerful, over-average gifted people. Wow. Come, let's look at a few illuminati mass murderers, including what they think are their "high level" contacts. All in all, they […]

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The public murder

If I suddenly stop posting or podcasting, you know what happened. No dangerous criminal shot me in the head. A nerd gang, together with negligence and cowardice of law enforcement agencies, costed my life. I never felt as emotionally and physically beaten in my life. Hopelessness is another emotion that's entirely new to me. I […]

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Quickie: Wise (wise.com) lost access to banking interfaces

Wise is one of the service, both, gang stalking victims and people who attempt to hide something are forced to. Once they have a "marking" in the CRM of most banks, it's difficult for them to get a simple checking account anywhere. Just like with the other companies performing financial transactions (I don't want to […]

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Where's Cedric S. Cornwall from Milwaukee?

On a “positive” note: The most murderous peasant group in Illuminati gang stalking are the “black sh***”. So far, I found out about several black people who have been stalked for their roles (i.e. the Obamas, the Attorney of State of New York, Kamala Harris, New Jack, Anna Maria Hodges, leaders of several gangs, such […]

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Screenshots / Links for the Zoom "hearing" about a fake eviction

Update 1 ... this travesty. Update Wow... two dismissive bots. Not a lawyer, not a court official. Does that mean the eviction is off the table? I will need my prepayment back, my double payment, and at least 1,5 Million USD for the psychopathic murder attempts. Update end I could hardly prepare because I'm in […]

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Audio/Video Pfizer Contract Brasil

... with explicit permission and more by the artist. The "Great Reset" means that degenerated "Illuminati" kill everyone who has something they want, bleed whole countries dry, and then enslave them. Mafias, gangs, business owners, pure brain people, politicians, armies, guerilla groups, banks, my friends, elites all say: No, thanks. We, the people, want to […]

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US Bank lost their banking license and more

My next visit was to US Bank. I heard from the Bank for International Settlements, that they are "on the list", but the removal from the banking industry has "not yet been enforced." I tried to call them several times, but always received the message that no banker is available to take my call. The […]

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Town Bank Wintrust Illuminati Gang STalker Update

So that other people can see what's happening too, I went with another person from the homeless shelter, knowing they wouldn't cash in my check. It doesn't look like a real bank, is the first thing I noticed. Shady vibes. We had to ring, and I said I wanted to cash in a Cashier's check. […]

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The NBKC "Bank" "CEO", Michael Bartkoski

Wow. A rathole like with every other illuminati trail of fakes. This image looks most real, but the age might be closer to the version below. I'll also post the 12-year-old image of the NBKC Bank stalkers, and an image that looks as if the ugly one on the left (front) was morphed with the […]

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