Pfizer Contract US ARMY

The illuminati gang stalkers are killing US soldiers for decades.

Guantánamo was a cry for help. We found isolated soldiers in bases in several countries. I.e., Germany and Italy.

Whether it's "attacks in Cuban embassy" (infrasound) or "CIA targeted by Chinese spies" or "Russian attacks" - it's the only way our institutions can get information out.

If it's not targeting an enemy of the Illuminati, they censor the information. Our news are currently pretty much in their hands, even though this is changing.

The illuminati are stealing salaries of our soldiers and also police persons.

They took over the finances of the police administration and the army.

Therefore, the payment of these bills will be enforced. Also, the US (and they're happy about it), is on an embargo list of all big weapon sellers (90%), and we hope the rest also doesn't sell to US police or Army at this time.

The army and cops are trained, and can handle the few obese call center agents and unarmed pedophiles just fine.

We have learned that the weapons and electronic weapons, specifically, land in the hands of Illuminati.

My (half) brother, ex partner, and husband are the biggest salespersons of war technology. Certain electronic weapons are sold by only one person who works for my husband. My ex partner and friend for life, for instance, sells weapons and communication devices to the US police (and others.)

The police has a considerable open bill. The payment will be enforced, and the account has been seized today.

The Army account has been seized a few days ago. They don't even have the money to pay the bill below. Payment of this bill will be enforced.

Currently, the US cannot buy weapons. Or communication devices, as this is how some of the gang stalkers (including the nasty local pedophiles) communicated.

The police gets help .... well, I suggested that it's possible police cars come with built-in infrasound weapons. It looks as if this is true, and they get help to get rid of them.

Nobody has ever sold infrasound weapons to the US police. Someone might have taken CIA-stolen technology and pretended Amazon sold it to the police. They did not.

They soldiers get their salaries stolen. However, it's war, and they might do what you do in war. Loot the enemy.

The illuminati ordered a kill shot for our soldiers. Half-dead, war hero Alfred Bourla somehow managed to get them good stuff, that helped with the poisoning they received to bad water and food.

The hated "elites" managed to administer the kill shot to gang stalkers. How does it work? It creates blood clots that cannot be removed. Even if you have your blood washed.

Electronic weapons can communicate with it. All persons who got the kill shot can be killed at once. It's just .... some got deals. Some might have received it accidentally.

Even one good life wasted, is one too much. However, the murder attempts on me create a certain amount of pressure.

So... the payment of this bill will be enforced, and it's a good thing for the Army.