PeePee videos before/after manipulation

How can Onision massively alter uploaded YouTube videos? For instance, removing cocain from the table behind him, a cup apparently sitting in thin air....

I asked him to redact his peepee. (Before you judge.... you try to get a paranoid extreme stalker to give you receipts.)

He then deleted many videos - and altered most of the remaining. can help you see that too, and I'll upload my "receipts" shortly.

It's technically not possible to remove objects or change objects from uploaded YouTube videos without re-uploading them (to my knowledge.)
The manipulation would have to be done on YouTube's server (in my mind.)

Another thing Onision is great at is changing content on (seemingly) random channels no matter the date. Meaning he can today ... change or upload videos to a channel that appear to be how ever old he wants. Like 2017.

Are these all his channels? They are all over the place, from mixed to Arabic, Korean channels.