Onision's Police Reports (No trespassing)

As everyone is either scared of Onision, owned by him (in some way or the other) or a bot/fake to begin with, his logic and hiding skills were never really tested.

For instance, he thinks if he posts two or three "I will sue trespassers" videos, nobody will ever show up in the house he allegedly lives (but likely didn't purchase in his legal name) and notice he doesn't live there.

The only person who has seen Onision in the past two or three years is his own fake account, Anonymous Gene.

Here's a funny conversation. Also, have a look how far the next neighbor might be. How do you pay someone to surveil Onision for you, potentially also pay for the camera, and then it's gone, and you "think" the neighbors moved?

It would be interesting, without breaking the law, to see if he really is there. I bet he isn't, because I think he's in Milwaukee since 04/2022. Or 03.

Are the police reports real?

As apparently his whole backstory is made up, it would be interesting to know if the police reports the account of Bill Anderson, allegedly his father in law posted. They were also posted by "Anonymous Gene", an Onision fake.

I find this a very normal way for a father-in-law to tweet. He also shared a fake nude of Onision. I have it, but would rather not share it here.

Onision said repeatedly that there were so many false complaints in his name, that the police wouldn't respond any longer. You wish... maybe he has someone there, but, generally speaking, the police will respond to legit calls.