Onision's latest Death Threat

Ever since I brought the creepy German fairy tale about the woman who “vanishes” because ”she knows too much about the business" to the German FBI, Onision has become more careful. It also mentioned a brother (I don't have a brother). In retrospective, I think this might have referenced Marc.

There's another person irritating him. Elon Musk, who in my mind has every legal basis to claim fraud. A considerable part of ad-revenue was from bots. If I predict Onision's behavior correctly, he would have manipulated the database before the acquisition to remove traces. And then Onision might hold several "remote jobs" with the company (and others, for that matter.)

When I requested my Twitter archive, I only received a part of my Tweets. Not what I was looking for, for instance my Tweet showing Onision tweeted AS Belle Delphine for several days. He deleted that from my hard disk. And, apparently, from Twitter too, or it would have been part of my deleted media archive.

Threats are more subtle now, such as "I'm looking forward to Halloween" (I read that's when Hannah Minx allegedly vanished) or after my Tweet referring to myself as "truffle piggie" for finding Onision's businesses and crimes, he posted: