Onision's Halloween Death Threat

Any profiler or hobby detective will soon notice a pattern in Onision's way to communicate with fearful victims “inconspicuously.”

Back in Germany, checking a site called "Wer kennt wen" was my only way to see the “state of danger” and get hints on what he was doing against me.

Over time, Onision literally destroyed this site because he flooded it with porn (preference BDSM) fakes and thousands of other fakes until this fabulous site closed. Hundreds of Marc and Mark profiles, too.

I don't think it was just for framing my ex later on. At first, he was after my ex, but it appears that over time he developed attachment to me (ewh) in one way or the other, excluding positive emotions.

The German police gave me the advice to “play dead and stay away from everything where the stalking can happen.” I tried that, and I nearly died. Because it happens everywhere, online and offline.

This advice was the reason I screwed my opportunity with the FBI in Chicago. I had learned that even the police, who finds crimes against you, would give you shitty advice like this.

Nobody would tell someone whose car gets scratched every day, “just park somewhere else.” They would look for the person who commits this way less serious crime.

On this German site I could for instance see that he (always via fakes that dominated the front page of the site) posts about pizza when I receive a Pizza delivery. That he knew who went in and out, and what was going on inside my apartment.

Back to the FBI: So instead of stalking, I showed the FBI Chicago fake teenage profile with, what the agent called, “forced” looking images. Chance missed. The profiles were from German sites (even though they also do American fake profiles as they work internationally), and the FBI sent me to fill out the form that potentially doesn't do much. And referred me back to the German police because they images didn't show abuse.

The images looked similar to this:

Ever since, it has become literally impossible to get any ... what's the word for something lesser than "evidence"? ... small data to show patterns or make things plausible? In any way, until March 2020, when Onision told me (via devices he later destroyed/took) that HE has been stalking me ALL THE TIME, for the first time since I went to the FBI ten years(!) ago, I saw a chance to get to him.

Leading people on is not what I do. Everyone knows that. The survival instinct is the strongest instinct a human possesses.

Onision lied about everything. So, I didn't even have to lie. I made commitments to the false information he provided, based on his information that except rerouting my calls to three police stations (separate story), he didn't do a single bad thing to me. All crimes committed was Marc.

It's not how I normally act, but nothing about a decade and a half long extreme stalking that made me sick, poor, unhappy, and lonely is normal.

On the basis that he first said his legal name is "Clarent" (Baldur's Gate gamer? But he's too young for that if the age is real), and then he said it's "Leon", and that he didn't commit any crimes against me, except re-routing calls to three German police stations, I asked him I agree to his proposals.

He also said repeatedly that he had killed Marc, my Ex, “because he was trying to kidnap you.” And then he kept saying he worked for the same organization as Marc, only much “higher” (huh? What's higher than CEO/Board Member in a transportation company?)

Immediately, the stalking went from horrible to death-threatening horrible.

I had contacted him via a number shared by Anonymous Gene. Receipt is in the separate article about Oninymous Gene.

Immediately, my laptop was hacked, I saw my password manager being very active and tried to shut it down, but it was too late. First all of my Twitter accounts went down, it went worse from there.

Even in Germany, like over 10 years back, Onision could already utilize my network and IP to do whatever he pleased. How? No idea. As I used Google Voice as 2FA, it was nothing for him to take things down.

What I don't understand about his ability to use my IP and make clicks and things appear as if I had done them, is that to my understanding spoofing means the "answer" of the other machine goes to the wrong (the real) IP. Hopefully, we'll get an IT expert here.

The "high level" German police person that told me any bugs need new batteries, and that they couldn't last for over three months (didn't apply or was false) appeared again in the death hunt, when he walked through a day shelter with a Bill G look-alike. See HERE.

Everything I did has been reflected on the start page of "Wer kennt wen." That is how I learned that (back then!!!!!!) he only saw me in three rooms (so basically on one side of the house.)

The police in Germany have to follow stricter rules than in the US. It wasn't possible to get a search warrant for the house with (if I recall correctly) three apartments, you would have to have a lead to one specific unit. As I perceived the (in 2004 19-year-old Scorpio) young stalker as a nuisance rather than a life-threatening danger, I told the police (five different police/FBI in Germany and the US) the wrong name.

Might have still been quite a catch—just not the stalker.

I wished for the luxury of only being surveilled in certain rooms or with low-tech that can be defeated with curtains.

I'll tell you the most horrible thing Onision and Wesley Marks can do later on, when more unusual crimes have been established and proven. After all, the German police officer who was the first to get evidence of a spoofed number, told me that it's likely someone who engages in industrial espionage or is a part of organized crime. If a science fiction tool exists, organized crime would probably have it. Money buys things.

Recently (in a now deleted Tweet), Onision posted, “I'm looking forward to Halloween.” (If I recall the wording correctly.)

This positive sounding message from a dangerous, murderous psychopath such as himself is a direct and clear death threat and information about the timing of the next major attack.

After all, Wesley Marks swore (until this day, I think it was Onision himself who called him on me when he realized REAL people are looking. It's a psychopath' way to deflect) that they will kill me later on.

Well, what can I do with this, right? Go to the police, hope I don't run into the bad cops again and say: “A YouTube posted that he's eagerly awaiting Halloween.”

Before the attempted murder, kidnapping, psycho stalking, nearly deadly electronic weapon attacks on my mother, the surveillance, and hacking has been reported, that wouldn't do much.

I guess that's a hard deadline for when the first reports have to go out.