Onision would do anything to talk to you

From 2006 to 2010, Onision would mostly pretend to be my ex. This sounds strange, unless you know that he's able to hack any electronic form of communication.

As I only learned in September 2022, Wesley Marks and Onision possess tapes from 2004 recorded in the apartment of my ex.

With this information, Onision could make it plausible that I'm indeed talking to Marc.

He also created a plethora of other fakes... he tried one after the next, until he had one I would talk to. Obviously, I suspected but didn't know that one single person creates all of these fakes.

I'm uncertain if he has a personality (except that he's vengeful and hypocritical). All I've ever experienced, and all you see in his thousands of videos, are personas.

We'll dive into this deeper. Pretty much his complete background is made up. His current wife appears to be a plastic puppet bot (hence the initial name "Laineybot"), and I doubt he has kids.

He eats meat, he takes (or took until 2020) cocaine, and I even told him about a video in a hotel where he had cocaine on the table behind him. How he removed it in the UPLOADED video is another topic, and we have receipts.

Whether it was James, the cook from England, Federick, the author from Munich, Mark the English man, “loving lion” (I called my ex the German term for lion) ... fake after fake after fake after fake. He flooded the site werkenntwen.de out of businesses. Not just with his BDSM fakes, but also with lion after lion after lion. Dark Lion, Black Lion, Marc Glueck, Loving Lion, Marc Lion, Mark Lion... and so on. Hundreds, and hundreds of Marc and Lion profiles.

I thought my ex is crazy, and that's what I told the police.

He called himself Tom when he left a voice mail with the area code of Saarbruecken.

From the first second on, he used fake numbers, fake names, fake everything.

In retrospective, it makes more sense. I wasn't aware that this was about my ex. Did they blackmail him? Logistics is a tough business. Well... I don't know what to say.

I kept running to the police, suggesting my ex might be some form of kingpin. Turns out... he was just targeted by one.