Onision, Wesley Marks, and my Mother

Onision has nearly killed my old mother in Germany. First, he made her nearly deaf with sound she couldn't record. He attacks the same parts he attacks me at too. Eyes, legs, ears (whereas the sound that might be infrasound penetrates more than just your ears.)

Oh, I have potentially fake calls and an email to follow up on too. I don't know where my mom is right now. After she left the last hospital, I couldn't find her. I'm hoping that's a good thing.

One day, the hospital would say she has lung cancer, and they expected her to already have died, the next call there's no mentioning of lung cancer at all.

Wesley Marks, with the argument that “the killer” has my mother's phone, tried to get me to send a text message to my sick mother that said “You are already dead.” It was another well-made stunt with the argument they can catch her killer when he receives the message.

I didn't send the message.

What I cannot prove is the hours when Wesley Marks used some... electronic voice? He said it would be black magic talk, and it would drive me crazy. He kept talking about killing my mother and bringing her back to rape her for eternity. Plenty of graphic details.

It appears the voices backfired because he's fucking crazy.

That was at a gas station where people are either little favor doers, victims, or involved. I wonder if victim isn't the most likely option. Perhaps they blackmail small business owners? But that's just a thought. However, maybe more likely than half of Milwaukee (exaggerating) participating knowingly in death hunts. I also saw another guy there, a blonde guy, for the second time. I would know him when I see him. He was presented as “a real dangerous psychopath”, and uses an iPhone. He sat at that day shelter too (playing on his phone while fake Bill walked by), and later entered the gas station wearing a gray hoodie.

There are receipts of when I was at this and the other gas station on my checking account.

Might be random, at this time, I could not name him when talking to the police.

Reminder to myself: The house where I brought food.

A few days ago, I received an email that I'm not sure is from mother. My mom is American, and still has an American accent and grammar errors in her German texts. The email will be up for investigation on here, and full access to my email accounts and Google Voice will be granted to some members-to-be.

Wesley Marks has also said several times that they have killed my mother.

Yes, I've spoken to hospitals numerous times, but I've seen perfect fake voices, rerouted calls since 2006.

I hope someone put her in a safe place. At this time, I'm not looking for her.