Onision as Chinese Maria

Onision is controlling what emails I receive. If an email goes through, and it's about any kind of opportunity, partnership request or anything personal, it's him.

I noticed on several occasions that he appears to have ties to many Chinese vendors. I'm not alleging he might be a spy. Chinese people might be victims just like people of any other nationality. In my mind, but I haven't looked into it, he also blackmails Chinese vendors on Amazon into buying his services. His framing skills, ego-less approach, and duration he's willing to wait for an evil plan to bear fruits is unheard of.

In March of 2020, all of my websites/business email accounts and much more have been deleted. My laptop has been taken out, and backup data disappeared too.

Of about 500 (easy to verify) applications, I didn't receive responses. Except invitations to one-sided video interviews, because Onision knows I don't do these disrespectful, idiotic type of interviews.

But a Chinese person contacted me and suggested I could help with creating a website where they could offer samples to people interested.

It's a small step better than not paying your rent. A very small step.

Image 2022-12-06 at 2.27.58 PM
Image 2022-12-06 at 2.58.53 PM

When the site started attracting visitors, my PayPal has been permanently closed. It took me days of painful conversations to get them from “never” to reinstating my account. It was over two 1$ transactions two persons sent "mistakenly" that I refunded before my account had been closed.

After that, I stopped the "partnership". It's a horrible topic anyway, and I'm tired of being forced into doing last resort things Onision decides to let through or... more often than not fake so that he can talk to me.

Google was giving out $1000 ad credits during the COVID "crisis." I stopped running advertisements. Days or weeks before I deleted the "products" site, that was obsolete as I ended the partnership.

Google closed my ad account permanently alleging the missing page would be .. I forgot the term. Like that I did something with evil intention. But the ads were not running at this time. Why would Google mind or even know what I delete from my site?

I hope everything in this folder is sorted correctly. I cannot upload eml files here. Will edit this article later on.


I'll look for the second 1$ transaction some other time.

This Maria was 100% Onision.