No shelter has paid rent/utilities

Reggie had a contract with the medical monsters, because he was (does not remember) the owner of all open shelters, that's what real papers say. Not just a computer. Good old signatures.

As I told you repeatedly, the medical monster mess with people's brain, and they use HAARP that they stole from Gregory Rothschild, Onision.

HAARP has very positive applications, but it may only be in Vanguard hands.

They have his HAARP, and my 780 gold chains (any piece of 99% gold on this planet is mine) are also in the cellar of the Joy House in real Milwaukee.

After Onision purchased the shelters from Reggie (I'm... not sure he knows, and overreach is my criticism with him occasionally, but not in this case)... he paid 2B.

The medical monsters came here, with other stalkers and electronic weapons, and took this place hostage. They changed (only works in the simulation, but it was never off in my lifetime... it WILL go off this time) in the memory (imagine it like "search and replace" in a Word document) and changed "xy" into "Milwaukee".

One reason to torture me is that they don't understand what a "reset" is. It's just messing up people's memory, and they forgot ... who stole from them, who banged them up. I removed this feature altogether.

The only real reset that ever existed is if my husband removes all human and non-human lives. That's the "ring" around the planet. I only know they call him Sol Invictus. God of the sun. ... humans are gullible, so it's going to be something more cartel, and less Harry Potter. I do think that the moon is fake, though.

JK Rowling suggested it might be two red suns. I know when I close my eyes and point my head towards the sun; I see orange/reddish light. Not white, not blueish.

Either the moon is fake (they made the fake moon landing videos, too) or it's really a 2nd sun. We're on it. White light is not good for humans. For them.. no idea.

Reggie does not know about the money (his 2B), that includes rent the medical monsters never paid (they just made him forget who he is… his jewelry alone tells he was not the receptionist), and that he's owed rent.

The last real money that came here was the 10K for my death hunt. That I won. The perverted "hunters" wanted to pay me 120K. But the shelter stalkers came in between and tried to murder me next to a gas station instead.

The only other real money is the 8K Marshall Goldsmith (who actually works for Vanguard, but tried to hire me several times, and I am doing two projects for him). He sent me 8K of the 10K he received for his death hunt. In 05/2022, and the stalkers bounced it manually ever since, but they lost the ability.

I will leave with 18K. But I am the only person who can request that a payment gets honored. Since 03/20, we're on a spoofed version of the banking system. All US banks (who robbed every last cent of every American, and the goal was to steal the complete rest on 01/01/24. (Fake 01/01/24, I understand who reads that from outside a matrix, knows it's 2021.)

Every fake shelter (see below) paid one big bill for three. This one used to pay for water, until they didn't. The other stopped paying for electricity. I'm unsure what the 3rd bill is, perhaps it's the ONLY food they BUY - for the monster kids. They make here. I do NOT claim all couples here are problematic. Totally not. But there's one white man with 4 kids .... that gave me very strange vibes, and a nice looking man with a woman with a headgear and two kids that ... look scary.

Again, I do not claim all couples here .. are not really in trouble. But the 12 man-eaters here all had houses, and millions for "gifrs" for me. And all stalkers have apartements or houses they stole from us, after they killed us. Until then, they just put your things on accounts in your name, but you don't know where.

We found money for every whitelisted person here, and also... nasty humans. Like the Pastor. There are no homeless people in this shelters. I have a home with my husband... an apartment rented out to Marc (thank you for keeping it, it will always mean a lot for me... it was difficult times when I fully paid it off, after a gift from Vossi.) And my commission, obviously, even though they stole a lot of that, too, but Logica was always looking for me, to give it to me.

They say I saved their company with that Postbank deal, in more than one ways. Anyways, all involved in supporting me on that .. massive RfP when I hardly spoke English, had no idea about business or IT - have been hired.

Also, Tung Nguyen who brought me to Vossie, I had the honor or .. being the administrator for him, Dr. Mike Bradbury and Dr. Steven Rogers. I consider Nguyen a mentor... even if it's just one sentence he once said to me... he's Vietnamese, and his words are flowery, honor is imporant to him.

The meaning was that he's big and I was small (not meant condescending), and that big ones should help small ones. He said he, too, was small once, and a big one helped him.

I never forgot that.

And now I could hire him. For his dream job. He ... I forgot what he picked, but he's that good. He could have started at the bank, but his expertise is advising banks. I'm not sure where he ended up, because there were new developments (like the UBS-strong new consulting bank consulting) firm, but KPMG, BCG, even more IT-strong AND Managemement Consulting Cap Gemini want him, too. Plus the old Logica boss is the new Holistic Systems boss. Finally something exciting for him again, after they pushed the

Plus, I get 2.025 real USD extra, for the thefts that happened only in this shelter

  • 75% of food and drinks I ordered, they are in five places: the three regular hiding places (on top of the lift, the fake staff rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor), and the room of the "blonde" and the fake trans. If you consume something you know is stolen from me (not if you unknowingly buy it at their Walgreens, where they pretend it's not true that ALL companies left the US), you will get sick. I'd say "ask Cortez", but he sadly passed away peacefully. This patient woman gets every attack I get, because they are playing that they don't know which one I am, as if it made a difference who they torture to death. She's a patient woman, and she's the 2nd man of Pablo Escobar. During the past three months, every country in the world got to benefit from their excellence. The Medellin Cartel has won even more reach and influence. Through the good work they do for humans, their country. Gang stalker Reynaldo, sadly, passed from old age. Old age is still the most common reason of death.
  • my mail, including a bottle with cash from Zurdo Villa, two checks, my new debit card from NBKC (they cannot close an account, but we removed the access of NBKC.. they tried to pay the 10K the BIS paid to 316, when I hired him for a month, and the other two received the same payment, but I did not even tell them. The 4th who needs to leave as V might be a fake QAnon I hired during my death hunt in 2022. However, he would not remember... also not that he was physically at the FBI and got a reloadable prepaid debit card with his first salary on it. Where's that card? In any way, it won't work here. Nobody will make a transaction, as I own the Bank for International Settlements. I also own, together with my ex ex, Raoul Schmidiger, Holos. The banking system and interfaces have been rewritten, with Holos, a 4GL.
  • every single item I purchased with the 50USD I received for two product tests.
  • Daily, at least one payment from the Bank for International Settlements, because I get 400K daily fines for every stolen account. They split accounts into two, so that they can say.. their illogical insane things, so that it's 8 accounts. Plus daily fees for every fake-blocked social media account, phone, internet. They made me the richest woman in the world. Over originally 19 Million they stole, even just giving back the 115K from the REAL FBI would have been enough, but not anymore. Day 16 of the rape-to-suicide death hunt.
  • My feeling of security, by putting dead evil people in my room who go at my stuff, and by sending up to 13 times in a week, a thief in here, including 4 "staff" (but they are not hired)
  • German homeless stalkers (and non-hired medical monsters who just harm people without payments, except selling monster kids, are homeless, too) hide the fact that the US has been kicked off banking. Since 03/20, everything happened via a spoofed system. Nothing will stick that we do not make stick, fake M&A will get reversed, like fake country borders (unless both parties want it that way, like, that my islands stay my islands).

Onision is my second man. At first, nobody believed me that he's the most dangerous man I know, but he is. He's now also Marc's eletro weapon specialist, by the way. He might be the only person my husband or father sent to take care of me. They tried to kill him every time.

Let's focus on the pragmatic things, before I tell you that my husband says we're married for over 600 years. Is he referring to the time that passes faster for stalkers in the Matrix? I'm not in it, you cannot put V in, and we added all new members, too.

Or does he mean something else? I don't think he'd let me go out with 10 teeth smashed out (most of us, most of all presidents, government leaders, kings, artists, law enforcement, Aryans (100% human), etc., or you can say: Everything that's good and has a positive impact), chronic inflammations, and whatnot.

I know that every stalker who ever used an electricity weapon on a human, may it just be to "listen", has

  • colon cancer (this shelter convinced my husband I died from it in 2012)
  • sepsis (I have recurring sepsis, because over 200 of them manually restrict the blood and junk flow, pretending I am post-menopause.)
  • radiation disease (comes from electricity targeting, they try to make us sick, but it mostly backfires)

And that's what they die from, unless other stalkers killl them.

Nobody who was not here at a specific time can enter what is mostly a shared illusion. It's controlled by a computer that would have turned off on 01/01/2000. Why on that date?

Back then, storage was the bottleneck. My first personal computer at work, hat 20 or 30MB. We had to save text documents on external storage, because they filled the PC too much.

Every kb counted. So the stalkers made their system with just 2 digits for the year. It will turn to 00. I'm not sure that's really the problem, though. This computer stands at our IBM (we're many more members, if we count companies who by itself wanted to become "real members", not just owned. We leave "just owned" companies alone, as long as the direction is good.)

However, I think it's about what we really have to do, and had to do. We turned off power, but because the bozos manually steal time every day, we did so on a day in the future. ... the system that protects power doesn't know or care what day really is. They cannot change the time on computers any longer.

That's why my payment is also coming back again on around the 17th. The 18th would be my day 90 here. Should I not get my payment, even though I work... (would you like to see the work I did for Marshall... one was advice on his career and how to protect and increase his legacy. That's done, he now works for The Fortunate Few. Not "for"... well, yes, but... he can go back to Management Consulting.

I convinced him that putting your name on other people doesn't work well. Unless you personally make sure you train them to your or above your level. But.. how much influence do you have once you accepted payment to make someone a coach?

Then, the second was cleaning up his community. First, he wanted me to make it better, but... no.

I hired the best coaches in the world for TFF. They are also available to the general public, via Fenix. Everyone can learn from the best, but it's an accountability self-learning project. We also sold for corporate intranet, but everyone still needs to pay 50 ESP from their own money. As a commitment.

For all projects, we have so many preorders, that we ... really have to have a waiting list. Our TFF module first gets implemented at Gazprom, Salesforce is next, but they still have other problems to solve.

We're sold out .. for all of our projects, and people really want us to get out.'s not very well structured. I mention the locations of the harm devices again later. But they are listed several times.. on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Not Vanguard, not Blackrock, not any other investor was sad that I removed stock exchanges and shares. How often had their investment been watered down by someone just giving out a fictive number of new shares without any value to back it up.

A company, who wants more money, can go to their bank or find investors who believe in their vision. Certainly, no investor will invest in a company who just needs more money because the business is struggling. (Unless it's a specific event, and a temporary help.)

Every fake MKE Salvation Army pays one big bill

This might be pointers:

You and everyone else can see in my order history, how shipments in real Milwaukee look.

There are several fake Milwaukee, where they hide us to murder us. Nothing we tell the police will check out. If they go there, we're not there. However, the MKE police knew me from my 2020 death hunt. I was at the building of district one (with the only real cops) for 18 hours.

Longer story.

One fake MKE is in Illinois. That's where I am. Every real staff and victim here were kkidnapped after a death hunt. There's no homeless person in a shelter, because their shelters NEVER accepted real homeless people.

Only people who have something they want to steal.

It can be a patent, land, money, or just talent/content.

I'm not sure why I am the only one who KNOWS who they are. This is my first and only life. The betrayal against my husband is that people are normally not really here. They just think it in the blackmail horror simulation.

But here, we are all real. They really, really try to kill us here.

And this shelter really, really has a death rate of 80% (it would be 82%, now, bc they are really pressed for money and intelligence (they will NEVER in their lives get a cent of real money.) They discuss locking me up with fakke COVID, but that's illegal. Their fake cops are not prepared for that kind of violence.

This is the death shelter, and they would have killed me in their death CRC, CRC4, in real MKE.

The second fake Milwaukee is about 6 miles from here. A .. not copy but very similar to a part of old real MKE.

The third fake MKE is in Indiana.

And then there is real MKE, where I got kidnapped. This is how I know how far I drove from Fox Lake, IL. Close to the WI border. That's how I know that there is only an international airport (we x'ed), and not a smaller one, like here. There are no planes here that could go overseas.

Back to off topic:

Only some black males in this shelter are very dangerous. The folks who come here to exploit women they got into trouble.

You can tell by who did not get medically abused. And who has a real identity. Others still know them outside. They put dead people in my room, and evil people. Also, two have an amplifier on their phones, and that's the only reason the rape with EMS even works on me. There are 7 amplifiers in this building. Phones, plus two extra devices, in the room of the "blonde" and the fake trans. The two who impersonate me on a highly illegal sex site. And my ex. The biggest weapon seller in the world, but they claim he is behing the gang stalking, and that he would sell evil, tainted, dangerous cocaine.

Attack devices in this shelter

I'll say what I think.

  • EMS in every room. All outlets are prepared. That's the electricity weapon
  • Infrasound via EMS (high frequencies) and lower frequencies via short-range infrasound devices. I pointed out, that the houses left and right of the middle one I see from the window here are evil
  • Microwave in the reception. The evil big black receptionist (no glasses) who stole my mail and money, and stole in my room, and performed the "hunger stunt" with the ONLY audible loudspeaker announce ment IN THIS ROOM only, grilled me twice. Both times, she said she has mail for me, and kept me waiting while I was grilled. Whether she ordered, did, or knew. Toast ... the second, minute, or hour you steal from us now. We're not half-dead.. my condition is the worst, and Sophia's
  • Microwave AND infrasound in the laundry room
  • Microwave over the bathroom of this room, and there's constantly someone on top of the panels, also for their stink spray, to frame us humans for their insect stank, and the stank of their dead women. I think the infrasound in this room is from the house left of the middle. It's short-range. Nobody looked for low-key 30USD weapons, bc everyone was told it's us Cartels doing all the evil things.
  • Microwave in the cafeteria (only the middle)
  • Infrasound in the whole building, so that we feel lesser, and for sound pickup. With infrasound, they spy on all of us 24/7. The terror noises are against my jammer. It helps against artificial tinnitus, but not that they put it on the whole room
  • HAARP in all godless voids. Stolen from Vanguard. Not meant to harm. But they use that to drug people, pretend it's Feb of 2024 (yes, sound can influence wheather, it's that powerful, so are water and fire ... soil, too?), and freeze us to death. Heating us to death is a combination of knocking us unconscious with infrasound and then we don't wake up when we're cooked to death.. when you cook a heart, it starts racing. Remember? When you workout and get hot, your heart starts racing, too. But law enforcement still knows who got murdereed here. They say it would be 84% now... they hate me for avoiding several deaths, including my own. The people who got recently here killed, by other stalkers, are from the Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homeless Mafia, that was led by Lenin Ramirez (RIP).He paid before his death, so that they keep me safe. He paid 250k. But the blonde thought it was for selling my heart. Their "translator" (insance middlemen) translated wrong.

Turning the heat up and down doesn't do the trick as they refuse or fail to remove the attack devices, that have killed enough staff, too.

On is in the video in the "Anonyous Gene, Eugene Lynch" video, one is on this image with the blonde. Mariposa, the wife of the landlord of all shelters and owner of HAARP, found 1000 like it. I was made to forget to like the video.. but it was a live-stream. That's the only thing they can do to my brain.

BUT I realized they only .. give a fake "done" signal, and the things are still getting to the correct storage, where you can re-find them, and notice they were not "done."

That is called the rape drug in Germany. It's not ttrue that it doesn't leave traces in the blood, by the way. They just don't tell women that it's the group that HAD dominated the world (we humans killed 4B), and that they can and will come back at any time they want. It is also a bioweapon. Without targeting, it makes you not hungry and not tired. But with weapon targeting, they can literally take over your brain.

That's how the fake crack here works. It's Window Kit with bioweapon, and they spray the floor with this inhalant, and then add a fake weed spray. Weed-style perfume, but too sweet and not scent of burnt.

And that's what's in the floors, crawl to the room. And we get targeted, bc there are always stalkers in our rooms, and their women have to go to the bath room to smoke what they think is crack. I don't even want to know why they use up 2 rolls of bath room paper every day. I really, really do not want to know that.

The black car is their prostitution car. There, they have real non-human and maybe human males smoke window kit through the anus of their women. Complying definitely makes your life better.

They all get paid fake 200 monthly. As a HTML illusion, it's not really there. Then, they have to prepay 50 USD per week for staying here. But it's not the business of a German homeless to rent out space.. they're only here so they victims get targeted.

Same with the cam sluts. They cannot help that the customers use the drug. They can from their end release it, don't ask me how it looks like. I have not seen the site.

It's still time to do something. They lost world domination, cannot go anywhere. I don't even have the number of my bank, and it does not accept calls from America. Today, the whole world will block US numbers. Las Vegas.... has a VanguardGram.

That's when you're hit with a microwave torture weapon, built from an old microwave (before they were protected), in your face. They burn you up. The fake stitches are burns, too. But when they attack your heart, you will die.

The organ mafia is waiting for them to come out, too. Two patients died. They were prepared for surgery, and the patient was sedated and cut open...they had to try.

Then they were made to forget that they tried to implant a cooked up heart, from a person on prescription drugs, and poisoned. With sepsis.

Now, they sold 7 of my organs. While they send people to search my drawer, they told the organ mafia that I'm the only one here who neither takes street drugs nor prescription drugs.

The blonde accepted 250k payment for my heart... but then they tried to microwave me to death, too.