New Law - animal fighting

This was a facebook post, on day 16 of the death hunt. It's now several running on all "Sima's", and I also requested that cops or FBI tell real staff to leave.

Just not attacking... it's not good enough, and it makes them part of the problem. We feel safer than we are.

For two days now, the dead homeless stalkers showed us who is boss.
I also cannot be with the three people in this room. The CIA knows one reason why... the streaming.

It's stalking against anyone in the room, and now it's targeting me. I'm now officially stalked by the 2nd person, too. Stalkers claim they told her over and over and over again, I had complained about her.

I did not. I did complain about the evil stalker with a 6-inch-blade (I did not mention..)

It's... sick, sick, sick little people, or is any of this normal?

My post.

Hunting endangered species is forbidden, too. Only government or county-dedicated hunters may kill an animal, for any other reason than food, but then they have to bring it to a butcher, and it will be checked if they were authorized.

Ursula... get some military to check who is hunting in the German and Swiss forests, other countries, please follow the example.

They may not use resources for humans.

The post

Please make a law that no animal fights may take place.

I know horse racing is a tradition, so is polo, but I would like the animal people to make a well-rounded decision, taking everyone's point of view into account.

I hope that any "sport" that involves animals gets forbidden.

Also, Circus. We all love to watch animals. Then... the maximum is a Zoo where .... if you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of an animal, but the animal is not forced. Even that... hmmm.

We're higher in the food chain than the animals we abuse. That's ugly.

Are we humans like this? Who told us it's tradition that a dog is forced to fight another dog to death or cock or whatever? Who told us it's tradition that a bull fights a man, but if the bull wins they get shot?

It's ... ugly. Inhumane.

We're responsible for the creatures who have the same right to be here (unless we just stole the planet and humans are really the aliens... or without simulation not half as dangerous) we do.

Killing for food is one thing. As humane and respectful as possible.

Did you ever see a tiger terrorize their food or kill every herd they can find for fun?

They eat what they need to eat. It's... horrible, but it also keeps the animal population in control.

It's just fine how nature made it. I don't think we're not supposed to eat any meat, because the planet would die then... bc carnivores would become too many.

Unless illuminati were planning on killing every animal kind we eat, there would be a lot of extra food for carnivors in no time, just through regular forest animals.

I'm too attacked.

You put me into this role.

I would like all animal fighting forbidden, and I'm not sure even racing is a good thing.

Would you like it if a stronger creature put something on your back and forces you to run?

But that I leave to the animal cartel. Not mafia... we don't go and throw paint at people and create drama, like Peta (BIS....).

And then porn is made from the images of the persons in the "no fur" campaign.

I don't fully agree with it, but the conditions need to be improved. As long as we kill animals, we should use every part.

Does it mean we need to torture and abuse specific animals we don't eat? No. Why do you not at least eat what you kill, because if not, you don't feed yourself and your family, you're just an animal killer.