My Identity

I'm neither hiding my legal name, nor the name I go by. Sponsors and Gold Members have access to everything, from WireShark protocols to whatnot. Everyone knows who I am. I might even share account details with technical genies who're interested in investigating intrusions, etc.

For instance, fake emails, interviews, calls, and things like that can be useful to people with the right skills. There will also be names to follow up with questions. So, even though it's very difficult for me and very much against my nature, I will openly share everything.

I might even start to livestream daily to make it easier to survive the 24/7 surveillance of Onision and also document “the little” and not so little daily occurrences.

However, I don't like publicity. I do not wish to identify as “survivor” or “victim.” I want this to get over with, and go back to what is my calling: Helping people with fabulous coaching programs.

That is why I'm trying to not rank with terms, such as “pedo hunter” or similar. I do not wish to be associated with individuals, such as Wesley Marks.

You can choose to respect my wish to not be associated with death hunts, kiwi farm stalking, street gangs, organized crime and whatnot, but you don't have to.

However, I'm not a “drama YouTuber”, and I'll follow up and hold people accountable as permitted by the law.

One of the reasons I hesitated with starting this project is that it would typically attract harmful individuals.

Pedophiles love reading about other pedophiles, etc.

When this is handed over to the appropriate police in at least two countries, this site will disappear.