Public non-deadly abuse cases of Wesley Marks

Do any of your friends have several allegations of abuse, framing, hacking, and similar things against them? Mine neither.

There's something about Wesley Marks' public YouTube slander cases that's less deadly, but otherwise very similar to the real-life death hunts.

Various women, including his ex-wife, make serious abuse accusations against him. The same goes for hacking accusations. Add mine (if you have IT knowledge, please consider getting my Wireshark recordings, where you can hopefully find links to Onision/Wesley Marks.)

He would, eventually, declare people who make accusations against him as mental. Apparently, he called the police on at least two of his real-life relationships.

His victims probably don't know yet that he uses electronic weapons to harm, confuse them, and make them act irrational.

I will certainly not share any YouTube drama here, and we're not a “watch a video” community. The video below is a 1:1 light version of what happened to me.

  • the lady had negative experience with "THE" police (but was it really THE police?)
  • he claims the former relationship has mental health problems (but describes himself as sociopath)
  • he gives the individual drugs (they took them on their free will, at least)
  • he calls the police on them

The former victim refers to ghosting that apparently happened for about a week each month. That happens to be the duration of a real-life death hunt.

Another topic, not connected to real-life murder or murder attempts, is kiwifarms stalking by a group including Wesley Marks.

While we're at it, let's get them the attention they deserve too.