"Little things" examples in the Salvation Army Lodge called MKE in Illinois

This will fill with about 200 things every day. I'm not kidding you. You saw enough already, the rest happens whenever I was not sharing.

Hunger stunts

"Singles" (unless they have to take prescription drugs), are not allowed to eat after 4pm. If you're a stalker, have family (they make monster kids here, and selling kids is the ONLY thing gang stalkers ever got paid for... well, they sold my organs, but that's a different story, and I too their payment, and sell on Vacation Island), you can have an additional meal, I think at 8.30pm, and you can get a snack pack.

That's El Chapo. He is not my husband. He's the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Spain and Mexico, at this time. He works for Vanguard. My husband.

Allegedly, the person the CIA calls "Slut Mohammed" (everyone who goes to the black car, I guess), tried to kill Rania of Jordan. Rania works for one of our Arab mafias.

Because they serve or served human meat here, I ... I did not mind so much, but (you'll see in another post), they steal my food from my room, and my drinks, they steal ANY payments I receive here, and they think it's funny.

  1. It's hard to tell what day it is, they keep changing the time in the future. Maybe a week ago, I did not have all three meals. I'm in a constant indoor death hunt since ... I survived the 2022 death hunt. A mix of stalking terror, death hunt, sharing with you, researching led me to miss all three meals. I was so happy when the black woman who also stole from me (A LOT!!! And she ate one item... but I think she felt ill) made the FIRST and ONLY audible loudspeaker announcement in this room. Luckily, I had already informed two staff that we do not hear them in this room. It's a release reason (for victims), and it irritates staff when they know you're in the room. It said "single" twice and that we can get a hot plate of food at 8.30pm. It was 8.21pm, and she said we have to wait for the bed check. Bed check is at 10pm. It's one "gottcha" trap after the next. They (not the REAL staff, you just get carried out by people who do not work here) release for that. They release for "crack" tests, too. For cigarettes in the bathroom (no matter if you smoke), for forgetting to sign out and hand in you key (except stalkers don't have to do that), etc.
    They think it's funny. I was starving. Most of my Amazon FOOD SNAP parcels get stolen, then the black shits steal them back, and I get all or parts of my delivery relatively late.
  2. Right now, someone came out and say they have plates of food. For everyone.
    I soon learned, that was not for me. It was food for people who missed a meal. The nice one had no idea who told me, and the person outside, had also no idea.

The lift

There is a microwave torture tool installed, either on top of the panels (where people are hiding, like in the cellar.. there's more "illegal" stalkers here than regular guests a government would pay for. They long lost their funding for the medical abuse here, but the government kept paying involuntarily. 265 USD per person, per day. 50USD were from the county.

For that money, victims do not receive any fresh food. Just the stolen old food from other places. Bathroom items (only toilet paper, really) and laundry pods are stolen, too.

The lift can be remote-controlled by evil staff. It's not a biggie... it's just the black magic mindset, where

to be continued