Last days Diary

I'm currently in an indoor death hunt, in preparation of getting me kicked out on the street. It's getting serious now, and my "contacts" are too high. They don't understand that ... even the lowest energy non-hired person can get me killed here.

Vanguard, it's serious now.

I just try to share as much as I can quickly, because the internet access might be based on someone here, who they put in my room as another stalking action. It's the person that led Jane to stay outside most of the day. She ... it's word for word like she says, and it's action for action what you already know. The SAME things.

I had no working internet access for two days or so, but ... my Facebook is blocked now too, after they blocked (only fake, but I still cannot access it), both of my Twitter accounts, after my LinkedIn account is long blocked. Like all other victims.

  • Be as obnoxious as you can... if you're too long in this as stalker, you just might lose the feeling of what is "deniable." Especially, if every human you shared a room with had similar problems.
  • Say God and Jesus as many times as you can, always try to act like the devil at the time.
  • If anyone has an objection, scream they're Satan. That always works.
  • Fake Christianity harmful (not like regular church music) sound that wakes you up at 06.30.
  • Constant fake-cleaning to signal that everyone else is dirty.
  • Taking up space as if you own the shared room.
  • Many more. Also reference the official Gang Stalker Manual, and information on electronic weapons. HOWEVER, the biggest problem here, how we get our teeth knocked out, they can blow... air or water?? in our cells to swell us up, and they use this weapon (CIA-stolen electricity-based cyberweapon) to rape us. Germany made it easier for women, they pretend a drug that doesn't leave traces exist. So... instead of saying "show me the evidence", they say the person was taken out by a drug that does not leave traces.) The electricity weapon can also be used to blab over someone's head, but that can be easily recorded, and my "head" is recorded by law enforcement (world-wide, and also Vanguard, my husband, and my ex partner Marc (weapon salesperson) since 03/2020.

    The ONLY physical damage I have, is from this tool, and a .... microwave weapon, but nothing military or mafia. It has to be an older model (maybe 12 years?), and you find on YouTube instructions how to build one. The electricity has to be prepared. The "electrician" is always involved. NOBODY IN THE WORLD except Vanguard (and we're now 44 members, represented by 1 - 3 people) is in my connection. A few guest law enforcement, and all of my friends are here. ... even class teachers...

    THE STALKERS ARE NEITHER IN ANY CONNECTION WITH MY FATHER, THE KING OF KINGS, OR ME. I think El Babo is still in both, but he's also secure in the Vanguard connection. All "white listed" are. However, if I die, they die. All stalkers too, but I'm not worried about that.

    Whatever this is, my husband.... made me an admin or something? The stalkers keep me here, because they know they are not in our connection. As soon as I leave the electrictity field that they use to harm my eyes, cause a chronic inflammation... of my "egg ladder", that makes it painful for me walk, because they target my heel and other places.

    But the worst are the rapes. "El Taco" called a "force her to suicide" hunt on me. They took out Aleman Ramirez, the impersonator of our leader of Cartel de Leon. However, he was likely just a very sick person, who loved to torture gang stalkers to dead. NOT victims. He had stolen stuff from Sinaloa, though, and that's in the Cartel world a death sentence, because we are responsible for dangerous things.

    The world has declared war on the gang stalkers, and the whole whitelisting was an extra I did, but I cannot do that any longer. I feel.... I cannot even tell you what I'm going through, you would not believe the 200 "little things", and (that's why it's called Black Magic, Voodoo, Satanism) what horror complete images they form.

The new roommate, according to Scott (and other FBI, plus also Anna Hodges, FBI Chicago, and more), is on camera entering my room and taking a thing but leaving it there. According to the FBI, who had contacted me, they discussed sending in three people, so that nobody knows who actually stole the item.

Long stories... I'm in hell for two weeks now, and I'll share as much as you can, as I will not get out of here without money, and the ONLY real bank account in the .. former US (another long, no, short story. The US has been defeated in the first World War. The world against Niggers.) It's a legal description, but I understand that we are nerd-blocked, in some vacuum, where truth does not make it to.

  1. People do not understand that they don't understand psychopaths. They say they do, and they think they do, but then they try to predict their behavior, going by human brains. Niggers are psychopaths.
  2. The BMO account (they asked for a chance, we said they can keep my and another fake account open, but transactions have to be manually. It's not good for international transactions. Apparently, this only works for Nigger gang stalkers stores. I cannot get an AirBnB, if I cannot put the few cent I'll be receiving on a real account. The BMO debit card gets rejected, because it's fake.

I lost access to my phone. No call went through to anywhere. In every case, a middle man sent my and the other person's texts.

As you can see




calls to 911 or the police do not go through anyway.

I'm not blocked from Facebook, too, so that I lost the last outlet where I could get help.

Internet stopped working, but that's fine. You saw during my live stream of a game or to show you the horror noises, that I'm sabotaged 9 out of 10 times, and the whole internet is spoofed at this time. Double. One time, through "us" (as in Vanguard and Governments), and then there's the spoofed system on top, for many sites. I'm not sure who this is from. I thought the German homeless (technically, they are in an appartment, but it's paid for by the government, who nearly went broke over paying ransom to America and also, just like what broke other countries, pay all the stalkers.

For instance, there are over 100 non-humans (I explain that later. Nigger is not a name for black humans. It's the name of a race or species with fundamentally different brains. Our brains (black/white/orange/whatever) is similar to a monkey. Monkey brains. Theirs is similar to a reptile. Reptile brain.

Technically, it's not offensive any longer, and it's the law that you can say that to describe a non-human race... More later.

I'm scared for my life, it looks as if my last cent on BMO are not safe, they refuse transactions. I cannot use it to get an AirBnB when I get 1k around the 28th (whereas I also have to pay some things, have not clothes, etc.)

Queen of the South / La Reina del Sur

Pablo Escobar and my husband made these series. It was only visible to me, so that I uploaded a few videos on Rumble. They get deleted by the homeless shelter crime gang, as soon as I upload them.

Founded a Neuroscience lab


Sinaloa Cartel / Jallisco stunt

Gang stalkers carried my clothes from the fake eviction to the bedroom of "El Chapo", who works for my husband. I'm not sure.... but in the context of everything else, he just

to be continued