"It's the first time I see you without a cam"

These were Onision's words at 5pm on either April the 2nd or 3rd. High on cocaine, like he usually would be until April 2020, he uttered these words (in German):

It's the first time I see you without a camera.

What a sicko sentence is that even? What he's saying is that he's watching me with cameras all the time. That I reported to the police in 2010 already.

However, he kept hidden. According to him, the police was looking for him.

You don't need to tell me that this story doesn't check out. It does not check out.

Why? Because Onision is a stalking psychopath who severely harmed my ex (according to him) who destroyed my life, and who nearly killed my mother with electronic weapons.

Most or all of this is reflected in his videos.

Onision isn't good at talking to people directly. Lots of examples, also from April 2020, will be shared in posts to follow.