IBM Mentions

There were a few mentions of IBM.

The person identifying as Wesley Marks knew many details about an RFP I tended to back in the early 2000s. Wesley Marks kept saying I won a deal (Postbank, now Deutsche Bank) that I did not win. He claimed my company at the time, Logica, purchased the small management consulting firm that ... also didn't win win the deal, but got the prospect to retract their RFP and purchase a small consulting project from them. They were the better salesperson.

I left Logica. In my mind, I'm not owed anything, and Logica never won the deal. And if they purchased the consulting firm after I left, it would still not be my deal. I haven't checked, but I'm confident Logica never completed a project like this. In my memory, they lost a bit of their fabulous management consulting reputation after (not because) I left, and went down the sad road of body leasing a little.

At this time, Logica had two consultants in Germany. The bid was for a call center of (I think) 1000 or more people. I got us shortlisted, but I had to convince Logica staff from Sweden and England to support me on their expenses. I was young and passionate, but the project would have been a size too big for Logica.

We even went on a visit to a reference site in England.

Who fed Wesley Marks all this BS? How did he know so much about things I did in the early 2000? He also mentioned names of former Logica staff, including one I never heard of.

He had more information than I ever shared, even if he had spoken with every former colleague, and friend alive.

Furthermore, he alleged that a person by the name of Heinz J. (ex-IBM, potentially meanwhile dead) would be the father of my ex-boyfriend, Marc. He did something very wrong back then. Wesley Marks accused me of lying about it. J. had been hired for his contacts with the Deutsche Bank.

The only point was to set an IBM trigger in my brain, in my mind.

Repeatedly, Wesley Marks asked me to remove my post about Alfred Herrhausen, former manager of the Deutsche Bank. He said every word I posted is fake. And the interview of Herrhausen I love so much are fake too. It's just that we didn't have the technology to create deepfake videos in the early 80ties.

What about: Peter Gerard/IBM/DB?

He alleged the CIA had killed Herrhausen, and they told him (at this time his version is that he does “government hunts”) to tell me to remove my post. It's pinned on top of my Twitter now.

I don't think the CIA has a reason to kill a stalking victim, and I don't think they would use such a psychopathic approach that leaves so many traces. I have faith in our institutions, except a rotten apple here and there.

Keep in mind that Wesley Marks is a mix of unfounded arrogance, technological “superiority” and drug addict. Someone has tooled him good, in my mind. Arrogant people on drugs are probably easy victims.

I'm uncertain if it's relevant, but Deutsche Bank (back then) was 100% in the hands of IBM, while Postbank was mostly Siemens.

Then there were several pointers to “IBM patents” and identify theft. In both murder attempts, my papers have been taken.

Looking up Shadi and Emil Albouyeh, led me down another rat nest, and I couldn't even say at the end if they really exist.

Shadi has a profile on IBM Cloud, but her image (opposed to images of the other staff, doesn't carry her name or the typical camera combination of numbers and letters) is called pic.png. The Twitter link is wrong.

I'm sharing this with you without as much as a hint of a conclusion. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm not even sure that patents I registered while I work for a company are really mine. Especially if there are more than one person listed.

Have a look for yourself:

The patent thing could be a coincidence. What makes it different from ALL OF OTHER BS stories Wesley Marks shares is that it withstood an initial Google search. Some things are strange, IBM/Deutsche Bank has often been mentioned, and my German (not US) papers have been stolen during both of the murder attempts.

I couldn't get in touch with either of the two people. Typically, I have a near-perfect response rate on LinkedIn, but since May 2022, this stopped being the case.

Instrotek is the company Emil Albouyeh works for, according to the Internet.

This is the Frank Teabo who, according to data brokers, uses the same numbers/emails as Jonathan Teabo (home security) and Miranda Teabo (working for the State of Washington.) Please see the separate post how I got from Frank Teabo to:

And from there to a fake-looking company on LinkedIn, and several money-laundering-looking companies. I'm not alleging anything. This is the charm of this site. I can just share my through process.

Data brokers can always get things wrong. But the number of every single person around this murder attempt/Wesley Marks (the man with 400 identities) led me down a rathole of different identities, or errors of the data broker.

Many of us, including myself (especially since the extreme stalking began) have several email accounts, nicknames, and such. But not complete identities, each with their individual story, professional background, etc.

But that's what this project is about: sorting false info from facts and getting more details about the perpetrators before we file complaints with Homeland Security, Secret Service, FBI, CIA, and the German Kriminalpolizei.

This is several crimes in one investigation (we call it that, but we're not really investigators. It's more about countering the plethora of fake website that have the purpose of automatically declaring people who are targeted with electronic weapons “mental”.)

  • Organized crime from Germany
  • utilizing local street gang(s)
  • massive ad-fraud
  • deepfakes
  • manipulation of major sites
  • government technology in the hands of criminals
  • systematic damage to the reputation of the government, police, and CIA
  • potentially a complot to falsely get healthy people declared schizophrenic. (Remember the trace from "Frank/Jon/Melinda Teabo aka Michael Jensen" to mental health billing?
  • The “businesses” I know too much off, according to a death threat fairy tale I handed over to the German FBI in 2010
  • Onision has a plethora of businesses, but they're all in the names of fake or dead identities
  • Also, Onision has strangely thick ties to China
  • One piece of technology Onision has might be unknown in the US (separate post.)