Example “We control animals”

I would like to share a few stories that can help you understand why some victims of this "gang" stalking say irrational things:

Wesley Marks told me they can take over and control animals. That they then can see through the animal's eyes.

I witnessed on more than one occasion that animals reacted strangely.

We might be able to get the address of one store through my checking account. It was a Pitbull there.

I wanted to wait to learn more before I just repeat what I've been told. Later, I found out some ways how they target me. They have pain guns, infrasound weapons (available on sicko stores, no military top secret weapon), and they can utilize electricity through old outlets and have other weapons.


They would just irritate an animal with their weapons. To the victims that repeat the BS stories, it might seem as if someone took over the animal and controls it.

They can knock people out, and they can knock animals out.

In the store (the store owner later called an Uber for me via his PayPal account), someone irritated the pitbull, and it went towards me aggressively. The owner looked at the dog.. did something on his phone, and the dog slowly ... like feel through the side. Not fell like a wet sack, slowly fell to the side, and he stayed in this position.

Every instance of "we control animals' I've seen can be explained the same way. It appears that smaller animals might die from the treatment.

No Harry Potter magic, no black magic, no military secrets, and not the government. Just a few sickos with a few weapons.

One of which will be a REAL problem for Wesley Marks and Onision.

But why did the store owner help?

Just wait until the risk assessment of unwilling partners and former victims changes.

I used an ATM at the store. Even though Wesley Marks told me I must not use the ATM because he put me in a simulation, and any digital transaction would disappear when he turns off the simulation.

He said cocaine. One of his victimized and slandered exes says Molly. I say: Don't take stuff that makes you dumb.

That said, I am not saying victims who repeated the BS they were told over and over again when they were at their most vulnerable, drugged, nearly dead, targeted with electronic weapons, are dumb.

I still say Wesley Marks and everyone who got involved is dumb. Underestimating people is generally a stupid idea. Not checking who's their ex, who's the person stalking them and WHY, are their profiles really fake?

We'll have some fun going over Wesley Mark's references later on.