Death threat for tomorrow

Wow, what has happened to me here in the past two weeks, will take long to describe. This is a quick cry for help. I've been told I get carried to the park tomorrow.

The CIA blab tool is not to be mistaken with Mafia "microwave." It's just a communication tool. Mafia does not have torture tools. When they're blamed for gang stalking, it could not be farther from the truth.

ANYONE can record the blabber with ANY Youtuber microphone (or other professional tool, but even my phone records it.) You just have to play around with it, add pink noise, and amplify the sound. Don't quote me on the right or wrong order.

Mafias... a stalker said (in the CIA record, and his face is now in the livestream (that I don't have access to, it's a law enforcement thing. International, with Interpol, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America.

They say they carry me to the park tomorrow.

That means you get knocked out with infrasound (see my protocols, or Marc, Zurdo Villa, Pablo Escobar, Griselda Blanco and then some, like El Chapo, have them, too).. they tell you that you get a rapid rehousing object. No contract.

Then a driver (the numbers the good staff is told to use are with the CIA) takes you to the park behind the .. where I SUFFERED before.. the Cathredral Center or so. They tell you to talk to the wrong side.

Since I'm here... from the people I "know"

  • Rochelle got into a death hunt. She had no idea where she was, when the police found her. REAL police, but even their fake cops are not prepared for that amount of evil. REAL police and REAL humans do not think when someone is victimized and they might say something that does not check out, that they are crazy. Cops have a good instinct what is what. ESPECIALLY when it happens ever other week.
  • Brenda ... I don't know where she is, she never emailed me, but said xy times that she will. I know in my heart she's "fine" ... as in "not dead."
  • Maria got approved for "rapid rehousing", but she sent an image she snapped from a shelter from where she could see the house she was supposed to live in.
  • Jane waited for her ride, after she got approved for Rapid Rehousing. I don't know how she ended up in the staff room next to the one I'm in (Bed 3 in room 27)... but THAT is when I knocked during the night, so that she knows I know she's there. I don't know who brought her to safety and where she is, but she's safe.

According to the FBI, this shelter has a death rate of now 80%. However, it appears the ratio of stalker vs victim is changing.

They say they carry me out tomorrow.

I got a threat today (might be electroweapon-induced by someone who cannot be bothered with self-control... but I had her whitelisted and on the map to be our temporary banker at NBKC, and also .. where we can order what the black shits bought with REAL money from Amazon FOR ME (and themselves), until we can get out of here. Yesterday, the "staff" that stole my shower gel (on the cam, everyone knows.. just not here in this ... whatever it is... lucid dreaming nightmare? Time gap? Good manipulation with many technical tricks... for instance, I AM NOT IN MILWAUKEE. They have 4 MKW.

  1. The real MKE, but it's farther away. I once drove there from ... really at the border to WI from Illinois, and it took me, like, 1.20 hours.
  2. Fake MKE one is in IL... don't ask me where I am. But that's how it even works to kill so many people. We're in a Borderlands-style gang stalker horror fake city of only stalkers and victims. It cannot be far away. Our folks should know the name. There's mistakes... i.e. the number of jails and many more.
    Think of it this way: Old people had their memory messed up, but just like with a simple, one-word "search and replace." The context is still there, and people remember often, when you ask for less direct things. So not: "Where did you go to school", but, i.e. ... did you ever go on a vacation with your class? Did your teacher have a pet? Eventually, you get a name or something to follow up. The houses here are MUCH nicer. MKE looked like Detroit already 50 years ago.
  3. Fake MKE two is in the same city.... the routes how to get out and places are all on the MCard of Wesley Marks. It has been copied by law enforcement. I was once at the Metro Market with Jane, and the stalker bus driver ... took us maybe 3 stations too far. Possibly 2 or 4. Jane said one, but it was more than one. That looked like a copy of real MKE in Wisconsin. After my death hunt in 2020, where I first met the cops from District one, and they helped me and saves my life, Milwaukee got a little hit, or so.
  4. Fake MKE three is in Indiana. I have no idea where. Following the traces of my roommate (we got the worst one now, too... who caused Jane to sit outside all day long, and she really, really suffered) will lead you to it. She does not know what happened to her in this shelter, and that's the best... I don't know. I'm not a trauma expert, for now it might be best.
  5. They have a fake "Lamron" too, I don't know where. Maybe in the fake "old MKE"? That would be the Normal Street in Chicago. Maybe the name is a mirroring mistake or at tip for us.

THEN... only certain drivers "find" the place. It's when nobody manually messes with your navigation, you have the Uber address book (not official), and there's not holographic technology, to show you the wrong street name or something that misleads you.

I'm sure you can find it, if you take an OLD map. No navigation.

Just follow the infrasound fields. We're always a little miserable because of it, and they also often try to damage my hearing. It's very painful.

The shelter has no info about anything that happened during this war

  • there is no open bank left in the US. They might reopen my NBKC, but it has a 100% fraud rate. I'm the only customer. 3 of my accounts are stolen there. I just had one... but they booked my payments on two other accounts they opened in my name.
  • there's a world-wide embargo against the former US. No ships can come in or leave (leave they can, when the gang stalkers are defeated.) No flights in or out, except hours.
  • 100 years (and then we'll see) Vanguard embargo. That means oil, gas, weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol and then some.
  • The shelter is evicted. The rent is overdue.
  • They pay a utility bill only once. It should be unusually high. This one here pays water. Water will go off, shortly. There's some issue with a machine that either protects their “simulation” or electricity. It will come, though. Power IS off. They fake internet with 3G now. Internet is off.
  • The government has left. This month there is no payment, because staff and evils stole over 800USD from me IN THIS SHELTER (took a letter, an Ibuprofen bottle Zurdo Villa sent, the small inheritance they stole repeatedly, is from the FBI. They thought if they do it that way, it won't get stolen, because it's so little. But people here kill for 20USD. Some kill for fun. They pay you.
  • Onision (Gregory Rothschild), my 2nd man, is the new owner. He paid the old owner and boss, Reggie, 2B, but he likely does not know that. I did not talk to any staff. .... with one I kind of ... storytelled a little forth and back. This shelter has no contract.

Hearsay: They just came here with their electronic weapons like everywhere else, and said they run the place for (whoever the boss was), and they will pay the rent. Ever since, this is a hardcore nightmare slaughterhouse, and I'm convinced some horror movies are inspired by it.

They say they will keep stealing my money, and I will die here. But others don't want to wait. They are still hiding everything I'm telling you from everyone here.

They poison the food, and they double-poisoned it. This shelter has no bank account. They get everything brought by stalkers. Stolen food from Senior Living twice a week, hospital leftovers also twice a week - I don't know where they steal the rest. The water bill was paid via the 2nd BMO account. It has not been paid. One place will pay electricity, and I don't know what the third might pay. Everything here is stolen.

They cut out 9 of my teeth, and they say the next three are on. To target you, they put chemicals in fillings. Different per country. The CIA tool works through chemicals, such as fluoride... maybe others. They put that in food, so that they can harm us. They can activate it somehow.

New threat: Nobody ever said it, because nobody ever knew it, but now you're going to die.

Comment: Nobody knows anything, and that will stay like this. You're going to die, just like everyone else.

There are groups that want to kill me for the physical damage. Cortez perhaps? I don't know. "El Taco" is RIP (the Jalisco version with the gay mafia.) You cannot return someone in my condition, and after you raped them with electronic weapons. They can make it that it feels as if they touch you. Nothing you can do, unless you can go into a pool. I think it's sound they produce, and EMS via prepared outlets, such as here.

Non-lethal is out the window, if you add the gang stalking catalog, the poverty, and the horror of being homeless and stolen from. I'll share more about last week, when they broke in 13 times. 12 time on camera, 1 time filmed via ... whatever mafia tool. Microwave pickup, perhaps?

NEW threat: Now they know it's really bad, and that they have to pay, or we're going to kill you.

Do whatever you want... know this: NO BLACKMAIL payment EVER, or I will hunt you. I increased the bounty every time, and we entered 100M per stalker of "the 7" carried out, 30M for any regular. We need a right index fingerprint, and this is an official action and order.

All governments of the world have entrusted me with leading this projects. So did now 44 mafias/cartels. We're Vanguard. Other members range from

  • Holistic systems (my former employer, reads as "SAP" in my resume)
  • Cap Gemini
  • Gartner Group
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • IBM
  • Ciba (Cocaine and Hashish are legal and V-exclusive since 01/01/24. OR (because we're in 2021) whatever time it is for real. I have no idea, but ask my Omega. Marc has it.
  • I own the Bank for International Settlements
  • Pfizer
  • Microsoft
  • Seagate
  • Sun
  • and then some. NO EXTERNALS in my bank.

and many, many more. We sadly have to reject most requests.

PS: They say they will take my last cents from the fake BMO now. I know I could not transfer it out. I cannot get an AirBnB with the fake BMO card. It does not even have a chip (at least not active.)

PSPS: The fake eviction (without court trial.. read about it HERE) was over 2k each. These here kill over 20. The German losers (career-unemployed leechers and mass murderers) lost their Hartz IV. It's not that nothing is happening, it's that we do not see anything here. How can they impersonate mafia leaders from the street? Without their green screen and little bot programs?