Coordination with low-income housing/assisted living

Victim are forced into prepared sites. At these sites, former victims, and active stalkers would live. Important is that it has to be old houses, so that the ancient outlets can be turned into weapons to target the victims.

When I recently changed the SSID of my Wi-Fi into “BDK”, a storm broke out in one of the rooms above me. According to Wesley Marks, these local gangs would be the replaceable bottom line, while he is called “master” within the organization and pulls all the strings.

He details that as “the Master” he will always make sure that the organization isn't at risk, and that the only traces lead to “replaceable” local gang members.

Even more angry noises when I called my network, "Wes Moast."

Apparently, someone knows this name and abbreviation.

I probably don't have to tell you how uncomfortable it is, knowing that the people who want to harm you are physically so close to you.

Two program managers for the State of Washington happen to have identical names to Wesley Marks (transportation) and one of his connections, Frank Teabo.
I'm not claiming it's really these people.

But as Wesley Aaron Marks tells victims the government wants to kill them, they might have just picked names that would lead victims in this direction.

Personally, I don't believe the government finances the death hunt of American people in general. Even less because they're “Republican”—as Wesley Marks stated—when their reach is 30 followers on Twitter. That doesn't mean it's not possible there are a few rotten apples within the government, as in every other organization.

I'm not aware if other victims also get kidnapped, which requires a vehicle. A contact in transportation might be practical. But, again, it's more likely as Wesley Marks and everyone I looked up around him has more than one fake name. It could just be that.

Olympia, WA and Tacoma are recurring city names.

The plethora of leads to follow up on, and people to talk to, will shed light into the darkness.