Comdirect Bank involved in coup d'Etat lost license

I will keep this short, because it's the same story as in all other cases:

The bank takes part in a mass murder conspiracy that is responsible for 500+ death every single month.

The German government was overrun by Illuminati gang stalkers, after a successful coup d'état.

Regarding the bank:

  • Victims' funds might be stolen, at the tactically most harmful time
  • support calls are needed often, because a ton goes wrong
  • every support call is long, and might or might not lead to a resolution
  • accounts of murdered people are cashed out by stalkers
  • during the stalking, when the victim is isolated, and cut off from communication (it's nerd killers), they might not know they receive an inheritance or other payment, and the murderers will park it on an account in their name, they don't know about
  • they show this account the victim cannot access to the black mass murderer community. They try to blackmail the victim, who has likely not a cent to their name. The black call center agents are the most deadly group in this. The only group that murders innocent, regular people en masse.

This bank can never apply for a banking license, but that will be the smallest problem for the employees. They didn't just commit mass murder over a few decades - they temporarily overrun the German government (and many governments are currently struggling to gain back power).

With the help of Mafias/Klans/Gangs and Putin, Germany got back into the driver's seat.

While there is no war in Ukraine, Putin hat hell of a lot to do to catch weapon shipments, so that they couldn't get into the hands of the Illuminati who are staging the "Great Reset". They offered to send weapons back to America worth over 1 Billion USD. But... we're not there yet, as you can see in my struggle to survive.

Germany has received a shipment for free, of their weapons they were forced to send to Ukraine.

From now on, Putin will send back weapons to NATO countries who regained power, for a service fee. That's my idea, by the way. He takes public beatings, pays a lot of money for collecting weapons of other nations, and his folks, too, get attacked by gang stalkers.

And then it's 85 % US American gang stalkers, and the rest is also from countries he offers to give their weapons back.

What do they have in Ukraine? Not much, nearly nothing.

Ask me about the 44B shipment some time.

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