Alleged reason My papers were stolen

Most criminal acts come down to organized crime, greed, and selfishness.

It feels strange but necessary to put this in writing.

I “lost” my German (not US) papers in both death hunts. Onision alleges he forged a marriage.

Apparently, he thinks I am owed a small inheritance he has interest in stealing. Additionally, he mentioned that the international gang that goes after Marshall Goldsmith coaches, and other people with attractive credentials, loves my website.

Well, that is the most bizarre compliment I ever received.

I am not married. And I would rather hang dead over a fence in Milwaukee than marry Onision.

However, he has a complete set of my German papers, plus the original of my birth certificate. He said he forged a marriage.

As his other “marriages” (that he might not even have faked in the database), his time in the military, and his whole backstory—there's not a word of truth in it.

Hopefully, this post will encourage him to delete any falsified records.

Didn't happen, will not happen. Ever.