A lot of money, but I have not seen a cent?

Producthunt just sent me a reminder that I'm a "veteran" there. I'm also the only one Mark ever agreed to make a project with. Everything else you see is fake and fraud. We 03/20 everything now around product hunt, Mark, and who stole from me (us.. Mark Goulston and I) there, dies today, with their whole brood.

Everyone who paid, will get something in return. It'll just be much bigger and better, because I'm not alone any longer, but I have meanwhile employed the best management consultants and coaches in the world.

You invested at a time when you "only" knew about Dr. Mark Goulston, and he's still with us.

But now you get his mentor, too - and many others.

We'll fix that when we can. I never received a cent or a single message that anyone had donated.

The Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homeless Mafia stole it, because they murder anyone here, and they steal anyone's money. They did not know how many times they stole from Cartel, because we always try to start something good, from a Ghetto or a shelter.

We clean product hunt now, and then they are a division for Shark Tank. Who stays.

They claim I stole my own content, but look at the date.

That is what they mean when they say I never gave any early backer anything. Neither Mark nor I ever received a single email about an early backer, nor any money.

I know I'm stalked... maybe it was too much. Only cents might make it.

I'll make it right, and we're both sorry. Mark and I would have needed the money urgently.

They dumbed down my original text there, too, and that's a 20B fine. I would like Shark Tank. Thanks.

Social media post:

ProductHunt Product Hunt
I don't know which one is real. Shark Tank is now owned by me, and you're a division who scouts. Bring the most interesting ideas.

We clean and 03/20 you.

Thank you for the award today, to remind me that I was on your site.. not 5 years ago... I think it's longer. Mark Goulston will remember when we started working, and also, likely, still have access to his organizer.

LinkedIn knows, too, when I first hit him up, impressed by his work.

Product hunt just reminded me...

THAT is why they mean when they say I stole "my content."
They stole all money Dr. Mark Goulston and I received from early backers of Project Empathy (now: TFF and Fenix)
They deleted all my emails, and sent people a SALES PITCH..

The low quality of everything in this country is the only reason they were happy... but they likely also expected after my "buy now" they get the product eventually.

However, they noticed I was "missing"... two went to real cops, but not to complain I've stolen.....

They know good ideas get stolen there...

Shark Tank belongs to me now. They'll un-americanize it, otherwise it's a fabulous show and forum for new ideas.

Presentation skills are not required any longer. Just sit there, stutter, read from a paper.. start over 5 times... nobody cares. You don't apply as a salesperson, but as an inventor looking for support - maybe even sales support.

The Sharks will receive a 4-hour quicky Fenix training, and become better, as a group, to recognize the temperament of an inventor.

They say I got the most money ever, and some donated more after seeing my webinar, the sales pitch.